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Design your POS look and layout

To make your products easy to find for your staff, Lightspeed offers a simple drag-and-drop facility so you can arrange your products and categories. 

Organising how your POS appears can help you have a more seamless interaction, making it easier for you to assist your customers by providing them with faster transactions. Customers dislike having to wait.

You can also switch between grid or list view, add colours and pictures, and even activate dark mode to get your POS looking slick and stylish. 


What's in this guide?

Arrange products | 2 minutes

Arrange categories | 1 minute

Add colours to products | 1 minute

Add pictures to your products | 2 minutes

List view or Grid view | 1 minute

Switch on Dark Mode | 1 minute

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Frequently Asked Questions

Before you begin

You’ll need:

  • Compatible hardware that you can use with Lightspeed POS.
  • Only Admin users can re-arrange the POS layout.

Learn more about Adding Users (Staff Logins). 

Arrange products

Products can be found when you open a category, for example, cappuccino, latte, or hot chocolate.

  1. Go to your POS.
  2. Select the category the products are currently in.
  3. Open the left-hand side menu.
  4. Select Preferences.
  5. Select Arrange Items.
  6. Press and hold the product tile to drag and drop the products into place.


Arrange categories

Your categories can be found on the left side of your POS, for example, hot drinks, cold drinks, and food.

  1. Go to your POS, open the left-hand side menu 
  2. Select Preferences.
  3. Select Arrange Items
  4. Press and hold the 4-pointed arrow to drag and drop the categories and the products into the open category.



Add colours to products

You can use colours to differentiate between options in some categories, for example, meat and veggie.

You can also add colour to the border of the product by selecting the product tile. 

  1. Go to your POS, open the left-hand side menu. 
  2. Select Preferences.
  3. Select Arrange Items.
  4. Select the product.
  5. Select the colour.
  6. Hit Save.


4. Select Save Layout

Add pictures to your products

  1. Go to your Back Office and select Products.


  1. Select the image or initials on the right side of the Products Info.


3. Use the image uploader to search for the image on your device.

4. Crop the image as needed and click Save.


Pro Tip - To see the image in full and not have part of it 'cut off', the ideal image aspect ratio is 300 x 192 pxls. Then, use the Adjust image tool to justify the image to the top. 

List view or Grid view

Selecting list view or grid view allows you to change how you see your products displayed on your POS. Grid view allows you to see your items bigger but without price, while List view allows you to see the products smaller with the price. 

Note - Some smaller devices can only use List View.

  1. Go to your POS, open the left-hand side menu, and select Preferences.



2. Select List View or Grid View, depending on your preference.



Switch on Dark Mode

Perfect for venues that run at night or in low light, dark mode allows your POS to blend into the ambience of your environment, using an elegant, power-saving dark charcoal background.

  1. Enable Dark Mode from Back Office.
  2. Go to your POS, open the left-hand side menu, and select Preferences.


2. Scroll down and select Enable Dark Mode to change your view.


What's my next step?

Lightspeed makes it really simple and convenient to make quick fast changes to your menu, to apply these changes you just need to Sync your POS. Learn how to Sync Registers from Back Office.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I reorder my Option Sets and Options?

If you have Option Sets on your menu that you would like to reorder, or if you would need to rearrange the Options under your Option Sets, refer to our Option Sets guide.

Why are my product photos not uploading? I'm using an Android device.

Go to the POS app settings and give it storage permission (permission required by an app to store or access your device’s storage). Google's Change app permissions on your Android phone guide will walk you through how to do that. 

Why can't I enable dark mode?

You must have Back Office permissions to enable features. Learn more about User Permissions. 

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