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Enhance Workflow and Reports with Tags

Phil R -

Tags in Kounta are an awesome feature, allowing you to break products and customers into easily searchable groups.

 Adding Tags in Kounta - Products

You have two options when it comes to adding Tags in Kounta.

1: Add your tags to your products, by clicking into the product and entering the tags in the Tags field in the products window (as seen below)

2: You are also able to do this in Bulk by exporting your product list by clicking the download icon in the products page in Kounta Back Office > Products.

Once you have downloaded the file, the file will be a CSV format that can be opened in Microsoft Excel ( or Apple Numbers ( When opened in one of these programs you will see a column for Tags (all tags will need to be entered and separated by a comma)

 Adding Tags in Kounta - Contacts

You are also able to add tags to your Contacts/Suppliers in Kounta, this allows you to add relevant searchable information to your suppliers and find them quickly when you need too, as in the example below we have a client who visits frequently so adding tags like (regular, frequent) will make them easier to find in a hurry.

Using Tags in Kounta

Once you have added your tags, you are able to use them in a number of ways both in the POS and by performing certain functions in Back Office. 


POS Search - Products

Product Search - While you can easily perform a product search by clicking the magnifying glass from the POS screen, this can become quite tedious if you have a large number of products. Adding tags to your products allows you to make faster more accurate searches from the POS. 

Example Tags:

- If you have a number of items that accompany a daily special, rather then having to search through your entire product menu on the POS, you can add a 'Special' tag (example below) and easily search it from the POS.

-  Adding tags like Gluten and Paleo will allow you to quick search for items that you have in your menu that accomodate these dietary requirements without having to create another category on your POS to define them.


POS Search - Contacts

Tags will allow you to quickly search for customers/contacts on the POS by sorting them into sections by adding the relevant tags. 

Example Tags:

- If you have regular customers that come in daily, you can add tags like 'Fav' and 'Regular' to quickly search for them in contacts.


Using Tags in Reports

When you are using Tags this will help you elevate your reporting by allowing you to report on sections of products.

Eg: You are able to use tags as a filter method when running reports (available reports are listed below), I have included a few example ways tags can come in handy when running reports.

Example Tags

- Tagging products with 'Dinner' 'Lunch' and 'Breakfast' will allow you search in reports under that tag and only show products that are contained under that particular tag name. 

- Tagging items with 'High GP$' 'High Margin' will allow you to quickly report on sales figures for your high margin products.


Compatible Reports  

- Sales by Product

- Stock

- Wastage

- Adjustments 


Note: Multiple tags can be used together to further clarify your searching!

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