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Enhance Workflow and Reports with Tags


Make your life easier, workflows quicker, and reports more focused with Lightspeed ’s tags. Tags can be assigned to products, customers, and staff members. 


With tags, staff members can find products and customers faster on the Point of Sale - like when finding Vegan items or VIP customers to link to an order. With tags, you can separate your Attendance reports for part-time and full-time employees - and more.


This guide covers how to maximise the use of tags and how to set them up.




What's in this guide?


Where you can use tags

Search for products or customers on the POS



Automatic Promotions


Adding Tags to products

Adding tags to users and customers

Frequently Asked Questions


Where you can use tags


Search for products or customers on the POS


Group products or customers to make them faster & easier to find when on the POS. Simply type the tag on the search bar and all products/contacts with that tag will appear.


Note - You can assign multiple tags, but only search with one tag at a time



  • VIP or Reg(ular) - for vip or regular customers that come in daily
  • Gluten-free or Vegan - A great way to find gluten-free or vegan items across all categories on your menu






Add another level of granularity to your standard Back Office reports with tags.


Compatible reports and examples:

  • Adjustments: Track all price adjustments and promotions for products you are keeping an extra eye on - such as your High_Cost products.
  • Attendance: Separate the report for Back of House (BOH) v Front of House (FOH), or Part-time and Full-time employees
  • Purchases: Quickly track the purchase history of specific products such as your High_Cost products - or create unique reports for products assigned to each supplier.
  • Stock: Easily filter your stock reports with filters based on BOH vs FOH stock variances or quickly pull up your High_Cost products for spot checks
  • Sales By (Product): Create unique reports to find the sale amount, cost, and Gross Profit % - per product with that tag.






Use one or more filters to generate stock count sheets only for the supplies or purchased products that you choose.

In the example below, we’ve only included the tags High_Cost, Meat, and Freezer as we only need to perform a quick stock count on these specific products.




Automatic Promotions


Trigger automatic promotions by tags assigned to our customers. The tag will need to be an existing tag (ie already assigned to at least 1 customer) before it can be added to a promotion rule such as in this image below:



A - In creating rules for customer-based automatic promotions, we have set this promotion to be based on  A Customer with Tags selected in the B field

B - “October” is a specific tag.


Adding tags to products


1. From the  Back Office select Products

2. Select the cog icon beside the product (or stock item) you want to add tags to

3. Scroll down to Tags and enter each of your tags, separated by a space or by selecting enter on your keyboard

You can also add tags by editing products in bulk. On the CSV, you will see a column for Tags (all tags will need to be entered and separated by a comma.)


Pro Tip - If you have a Insights subscription, then you’ll also see Reporting Group which will allow you to allocate products to customer groups for reporting from the Insights platform


Adding tags to users and customers


Adding tags for your staff members or customers is the same, easy process.


1. From the Back Office select People 

If you are looking for a customer, select the customer tab beside Users

2. Select the cog icon beside the name of the person to whom you will add tags

3. Scroll down to Tags and enter each of your tags, separated by a space or by selecting enter on your keyboard

4. Select Save




Note - You can also add customer tags from the Point of Sale.


Frequently Asked Questions


Where can I find more advanced reporting?

Our newest product,  Insights lets you quickly see your data from all of your companies and sites in one spot so you can make decisions faster and more confidently than ever.

With a library of pre-built dashboards, powerful filters & drilldowns, and automated report scheduling you have the power to find hidden profit opportunities.



What's my next step?


Tech Savvy and can work your way around a CSV sheet? - You might find it easier to add tags by editing products in bulk to save time


If you have not yet enabled your Insights add-on, then our guide should be able to help.


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