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Integration - Hey You

Once Hey You is enabled in Lightspeed , accepting Hey You orders is as easy as the steps below.

Note - Support for the 'Hey You' app itself is handled by Hey You directly.


1. Start on the Lightspeed Sales Screen
2. When a Hey You order comes in you will hear a 'BING' every 30 seconds until the order is accepted. The ORDERS section will flash orange in the top header until it's finalised.
3. Tap on Orders to go into the Orders section, you will see the NEW order flashing orange with the customer name on it.
4. Tapping on the order will open it up as a sale. 
5. You will be able to review the order in the Receipt Panel, at the bottom is an Accept and Reject option. If you can fill the order then tap ACCEPT, this will send any dockets to relevant printers.
6. The order will remain on screen so you can either HOLD the order and come back to it later or mark it as READY immediately. Marking it as READY will send the customer an SMS notification to come and collect the order.
Note - All orders must be marked as READY before they will properly be saved as a sale. You will be warned if you try and do a Finalised Takings with orders still in PENDING (Accepted but not marked as Ready)

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