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Integration - Collect Rewards

Dan P -

Once Collect Rewards is enabled within Kounta, follow the steps below to add a customer to collect and redeem rewards.


Adding a customer

To invite a customer to Collect:

Tap customer

Tap add customer

Then enter the customers details in the fields provided

Your customer will then get an invite to join your store's Collect account in their inbox.

Once the sale is complete the relevant points will be added to the customers account. They can check this through there mobile app or you can check by navigating to this customer in Kounta.




Redeeming a Reward

To process a sale for someone with an existing Collect account:

Tap customer

Search for the customer under their name, email or phone Number.

Select the customer

If desired you simply tap on one of the available rewards to apply it to the order

To return to the sales page simply tap save


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