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Partial Refunds

Josh -

If presented with a situation where you need to refund some, but not all items off a finished sale you need to follow the steps below.


First follow the steps to find and refund the original sale 

How to refund a sale

This returns all items to stock and refunds the entire sale amount to the payment method they provided originally

Once that is refunded you need to re-enter the items the customer is keeping into a new order and tender payment.

Lastly if the item they have returned cannot be re-sold and you're tracking stock ensure you go to Menu > Add Ons > Wastage and record the item, reason and quantity that was wasted.


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    Debbie Phipps

    what if the partial refund was days ago is this instruction still correct?

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    Marc Steen

    It would be much easier if it were possible to just return/refund single item, rather than delete the whole sale and then re-enter all the products not returned.

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