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How to Become a Kounta Partner

Josh -

Kounta provides a number of ways you can get involved in sharing the Kounta experience. 

This guide covers the different types of Partners we currently work with.


You’re a bookkeeper, accountant or good allround business advisor who wants to add and promote Kounta as part of your mix of services

You may also be a Kounta customer, hardware supplier, consultant or just love what Kounta is

Simply share Kounta with your clients, let Kounta look after the rest and get rewarded



For POS gurus who know what a printer is, a network, an IP address and most importantly can get customers onboarded quickly and easily by helping them see, learn, use and believe in Kounta.

Earn money from the complete set of services you offer

Share in the revenue



Build and integrate with Kounta to help us create the future of Point of Sale and make stores better

You can or have already built an awesome online or mobile product or service that can work well with Kounta to make Point of Sale awesome

Get listed and promoted on the Kounta Addons marketplace


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