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Setup an Epson Intelligent printer with Kounta

Dan P -

If you have purchased the Epson Intelligent printer this video will guide take you through the steps necessary to set it up.

Before commencing it is important to confirm the exact type of printer you have.

Epson intelligent printers can be identified in 2 ways:

  1. The model number will end with '-i', Example TM-T82ii-i

  2. Intelligent printers will have extra ports in addition to Power, Ethernet and Cash draw ports on the back such as USB.

If your device is a non-intelligent model you should follow this guide.

Video Guide:

Note: When logging into the Printer Configuration Page you will be prompted for a username and password:

Username: epson
Password: epson

This video explores:
– who should use Intelligent print server printing
– how intelligent print server printing works
– how to set up the intelligent printer server and additional printers
– how to add these settings to Kounta back office.

The Enable DHCP guide can be found at:

The Google Chrome security settings guide can be found at:

If you are using a PC or MAC as your register device we recommend using Google Chrome as your browser. you may also need to adjust your browser settings.

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  • Avatar
    Will Floeck

    Have printer T88V connected to the router, power on, paper in, cash draw connected, but it doesn't say beep, nothing.
    What have I done wrong, does not print IP address like in your demo YouTube

  • Avatar
    Miriam Scott

    I have the same problem that my printer is not issuing an IP address

  • Avatar

    Hi Will, Miriam are you 100% sure you've got an intelligent printer? There will be multiple USB ports on the back?

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