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Transfer Ownership of a Kounta Site

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This guide will run you through the different options available should you either need to change the contact details for the owner of your Kounta site, or if you are selling your business and need to transfer your Kounta to a new owner.

There are a few different ways to achieve a transfer of ownership, depending on the sensitivity or necessity of the data to transfer over or the type of transfer being enacted.

Read through each of the options below to find out what works best for your situation.



 **MYOB Kounta customers, please contact 1300 555 123 to manage your subscription. Your account is single billed directly by MYOB.


Complete Transfer / Hand Over

This is probably the easiest and quickest option. It will grant the new owner complete and total access to your Kounta in it's entirety including all previous sales history, and all existing data within the system. It will also immediately redirect all billing notifications to the new owner's e-mail address.

Please note this method only works if the e-mail address of the new owner has never been registered to Kounta before. If the new owner is already listed as a staff member on your Kounta, please move down to Transfer Ownership.

Essentially, this method simply changes the details of the owner account to reflect the new owner.






Transfer Site Ownership

You can also transfer ownership of the individual Kounta sites. This is particularly useful in a franchise situation, or if you are transferring ownership to an existing employee. Again, all data remains accessible to the new owner.

Note: The owner must have been invited as a user, and set to have Admin privileges. 

  • Log into Back Office ( as the owner account.
  • Click Account
  • Click the down arrow next to your company's subscription
  • Click the Cog icon next to the site that is having it's ownership changed.
  • Click 'transfer ownership'
  • Select the new user to send the invitation for ownership.
  • The new user then needs to check their e-mail to accept ownership.
  • Ensure they update their payment details.





Updating Payment Details

This is an extremely important part of the step. After accepting ownership of the Kounta site, you must update your credit card details.

  • Log into Back Office ( as the new owner.
  • Click Account
  • Click the down arrow next to your company's subscription
  • Click the Cog icon next to the site that needs payment details updated.
  • Click 'Update Details'
  • Scroll down past 'Update This Card' and enter the correct details.
  • Click 'Save The Card'




Export your Products into a new Company

In the event that you do not want the new owner retaining previous sales information, they can instead create their own Kounta account and start from scratch. This is the most labour intensive way of changing the business over because the new owner effectively has to completely build their Kounta from the ground up.

Get Started with Kounta Here

There are a few steps they can take to make the process a little quicker.

  • This guide can step you through exporting your Kounta product list into a CSV file. Open this file in Excel and remove the numbers from the 'ProductID' field and then the new owner can upload this file into their own Kounta account.

    (Note: Option sets and Variants will not carry across in this method, they will need to be rebuilt manually)

  • If the same network equipment and printers are being used, you can simply use two laptops to log into the old back office and the new back office side by side to copy the existing printer and register setup!







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