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Transfer Ownership of a Kounta Site

Josh -

Kounta provides the ability to easily be able to transfer ownership of each individual site in your company if desired.

To transfer ownership please follow the steps below.

  1. The person you wish to transfer ownership to must first be invited to Kounta
  2. Once they have confirmed their invitation make them an ADMIN
  3. Next login as the current owner of the site
  4. Tap Accounts
  5. Choose the Site in question
  6. Tap Transfer Ownership on the right
  7. Choose the new owner from the list of Admins you are shown
  8. The new owner then receives a notification to confirm ownership of the site.

Watch the short clip below for a walkthrough:


Once this has been done, the new owner will need to add their own payment details.

Update Site Credit Card

If you wish to update the credit card used for your site subscription, please do the following:

  • Go to Kounta Back Office
  • From the left select myKounta
  • Select 'Account'
  • Select your company (this will list any sites you own)
  • Select the COG icon next to the site you wish to update
  • Select 'Update Billing Details'
  • Add your updated payment information**

**If your account has any outstanding invoices these will be automatically settled in the 24 hours following this update. Adding a valid credit card will also allow you to upgrade your plan if you have been recently downgraded for non-payment.

**MYOB Kounta customers, please contact 1300 555 123 to manage your subscription. Your account is single billed directly by MYOB.

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