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Transferring Ownership of a Lightspeed Site


If you are planning on selling your business to a new owner, or are buying an existing business that is running Lightspeed - transferring ownership is a breeze.

This is particularly useful in a franchise situation, or if you are transferring ownership to an existing employee.

Transfer site ownership with all products, printing setup, and historical reporting intact. You can also opt to create a new company and thus, a clean slate to preserve sales privacy (although this will require a touch more leg-work to ensure everything is ready to start trading).

Note - This is only if you need to transfer the ownership of your Site and subscription to another user. If you just want to change your name or email, you can simply change your User Profile here.



What's in this guide? 

Transfer site ownership
Create a new company
Frequently Asked Questions 


Before you begin

Please note:

  • You must be logged in as the site owner
  • If you are not the site owner and require our team to process the Site Transfer, you must provide evidence that the site owner has given permission for the site to be transferred. 

Transfer site ownership


Note - The new owner must already have accepted an invitation to the site and given admin access


1. From the Back Office, select Subscriptions

If you have more than one site, you will be prompted to select which one

2. Scroll down to Site management and select transfer ownership


3. Select which user will be the new owner of the site


4. Select Send Invitation. You will see this dialogue box to confirm the action; select Send


5. An email will be sent to the new owner. This contains a link to accept the transfer of ownership which will need to be accepted before this process can be finalised

6. The new owner will now be prompted to update payment details


Here is how the new site owner can update payment details:


1. From the Back Office, select Profile

2. If you have more than one site, you will be prompted to select which one

3. Scroll down to Site payment method 

4. Select Change payment method


5. Scroll down to Update This Card and enter the new card’s details

6. Select Save Card


Create a new company


Note - Choose this method only if you do not want the new owner to view previous sales information, products or users.

This method takes the most time because it requires the new owner to create a new account. Settings are then replicated one at a time. Here are a few steps you can take to make this process quicker:

1. The new owner must first create an account 

2. Upload the products via CSV

3. Next, if the same network equipment and printers are being used, you can simply use two laptops to log into the old back office and the new back office - copy the existing printer setup and register setup to the new account


Frequently Asked Questions


Can I transfer a Lightspeed account or site without sharing previous data?

The only workaround for this is for the new owner to create a new account and then replicate the settings of the old account. Transferring site ownership will include access to all historical reports, Company products & users.


Do I need to call or email anyone once I’ve transferred ownership?

Transferring ownership of a business can be challenging. If you need to talk to our team of Hospo pro's then we are here when you need us.


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