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Manage Kounta Subscription - Upgrade / Downgrade / Pause / Delete Site

You can easily upgrade or downgrade your account if you find another plan suitable for your needs. This guide will help you with the basics of managing your account inclusions.

We’ll also talk about how to pause your account should your business need to close temporarily. You are also free to cancel your account anytime but note that cancelling your account erases all your historical data and configuration settings.

Note#1 - Changing Sites and Companies is something managed by Site & Company owners with Admin access only. We also don't take credit card details over the phone or via email - just to ensure that your details are as secure as they can be - it is all handled by the same seriously secure tech that manages other awesome platforms - like your Netflix ;)
Note#2 - Looking to grow your company with more sites? Or expanding with a new concept under a different company? Then our guide to Companies, Sites & Registers will help you manage your growing team
Note#3 - If you need to add or manage credit card details or bank details for the billing of your Kounta subscription then our guide on billing management will help you. 




What's in this guide? 

Upgrade / Downgrade / Pause my Kounta Account
Cancel my Kounta Account
Delete a register
Delete a site
Frequently Asked Questions 


Upgrade / Downgrade / Pause My Kounta account


Whether you are upgrading, downgrading, or pausing your account (Pause Plan), you will find all these options in the same section.

Note - If you don't know which plan is best for you then have a look at our page on Kounta Pricing Plans or, simply schedule a time to talk with an expert.
Note - The Pause Plan option allows you to temporarily pause your current subscription for a very small monthly fee. The difference between pausing your account and cancelling it is that cancelling will erase all your historical sales data and configuration settings. Hence the Pause Plan is best for businesses who are closing temporarily.


1. Head to the Subscriptions page

2. Select the site you wish to upgrade from the list



3. Select Change plan for the Kounta product that you are adjusting



4. Select the Plan you would like to apply to your Point of Sale.

You will see a full list of available plans for your Point of Sale - including the plan that pauses the subscription. (See the above note on the Pause Plan).


Pro Tip - If you see an error that you have too many registers to downgrade, then you should read the below section on how to delete a register



Cancel my Kounta Account


Cancelling will erase all your historical sales data and configuration settings.

Note - If you're only planning to close temporarily, you may want to try the Pause Plan instead. This plan allows you to temporarily pause your current subscription for a very small monthly fee. If you would like to pause your account instead, please review the steps discussed above.


So if you're sure that you would like to cancel your Kounta account, here's how:

1. Head to the Subscriptions page


2. Select the site you wish to cancel.


3. Scroll down to Site management then select Yes, cancel my site subscription.


If you have more sites that you wish to cancel, simply repeat these steps for each of them.


Delete a register


You might have seen an error when you tried to downgrade saying that you have too many active registers to downgrade. If this is the case you can delete the required number of registers from the Registers page in the back office.


1. From the Sites tab in Back Office, select Devices. Then select Registers (see image below)

2. Select the register you wish to delete by opening its settings cogwheel (on the right)



3. If your register was previously assigned to a device you will need to select Unassign Register



4. Next, select Delete Register



Delete a site


This is not something you can undo. So please make sure you are not making a mistake. If you need to keep your sales data you can downgrade to a Pause Plan or at the very least have your reports exported from Kounta first.


1. Head to the Subscriptions page


2. Select the site you wish to delete


Are you definitely sure? - There is no undo for this decision


3. Scroll down to Site management. Then select Yes, delete this site under Need to delete this site? 


Note - If you need to completely remove a company from Kounta you will need to contact our team at to process the request - just so there are no mistakes.

Frequently Asked Questions


Can I easily upgrade or downgrade?

Of course. Upgrading is the perfect way to try out our more advanced features and you can easily downgrade whenever you need to.


What plan should I be on?

If you're not sure, have a look at our page on Kounta Pricing Plans. Still not sure, we’re here to help - schedule a time to talk with an expert.


How do I pay for my Kounta subscription?

This can be done via credit card or direct deposit. Check out our guide on managing your billinghere we talk about how to enter/change your payment details and also how to pay for separate sites.



Frequently Asked Questions

What else do I need to know about managing my subscription?

Why can't I see the invoices to Lightspeed in Back Office?
Only the Site Owner can see invoices and subscriptions. If you are logged in as the Site Owner you can find the invoices from the Invoices page. 




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