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Setting up Products with Variants

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What are Variants?

Variants are a great way to add products with variations like Size or Colour (such as T-shirts, or even something like a coffee with different sizes).

The Products created using the Variants function show on the POS within a Product Tile called a Product Template that is indicated with a small V in the bottom right of the tile.

When selecting the Product Template  (e.g. T-Shirt), the Variant Products (e.g. T-Shirt - White, Medium) would appear and can be selected to be applied to a Sale.

In the example below: 

The Product Template is T-Shirt.
The Attributes are Colour and Size.
The values for "Colour" are Blue and White.
The values for "Size" are Medium and Large.

The Product Variants are:

Modifiers can still be applied to a Variant product. For example, if a customer were to purchase a "Large Flat White" they can still add a modifier of skim milk should the customer prefer skim milk with their coffee.

Click here to learn more about Modifiers






How to make Variant Products

Follow the steps below to create products with Variants.

  • In the Products section of Back Office, create a new product.
  • In this example I'm making a 'Milkshake' product, so I enter in the details to suit.
  • Click 'Save and edit this product' to go into the Product Information section.
  • Click the 'Variants' tab
  • We now need to tell Kounta what the Attributes will be (size? colour?) - in this case it's Size and Flavour.

    Consider this carefully, once you've saved it you can't change your mind - you'd have to delete the product and start again.
  • Click the 'Save Template' button at the bottom of the screen
  • The screen will now change and allow you to 'Add a new Variant'
  • It will now ask you what values need to be added to the attributes. In this case Flavour is Chocolate, and Size is Small. Give it a Price and click Add. Go ahead and create more of your variants here as well.
  • You can now see all the created variants.








How to Sell Variants

Once created, the variant products can be found on the POS.

The template product that you created will show like normal in the categories you assigned.

Note: Template products will have a V in the bottom right corner of the tile so you can clearly identify them on the screen. 

Once you tap on the Template product, you will be shown all the different Variations and can add these like normal items.


Note: Variants can have all of their own settings like barcodes, stock levels, purchasing rules and recipes!





 Video Guide


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  • Avatar

    Thrilled that this feature is live. Will there be a template released to upload a .CSV file for products with variants rather than having to create each one individually?

  • Avatar
    Dale Heger

    This is such a great feature... I can now reduce a 100 products into 25 @ 4 variants. Thats increase ordering efficiencies tenfold. Less time searching.. great!

  • Avatar

    How can I add a modifier to a variant?

  • Avatar

    In addition any product that already has modifiers, once you add variants, the modifiers disappear. eg. Steak > variants are Cook style (Rare, Med Rare, Med, Med Well, Well Done) then Modifiers are Gravy, Mushroom sauce, BBQ sauce, Toamto sauce, Aioli, Extra chips, No chips, No salad, Extra salad, Member $1 off Discount, etc etc.

  • Avatar

    Sorry but is there also a "duplicate" option? We have over 30 spirits in our bar, each needs 9 variants. Currently I have to create the 9 variants every time anew, that's 270 times!

  • Avatar

    Hi Ebony,

    Apologies for the delay in getting back to you.

    We have also been working on a new Add On called Option Sets coming soon that will allow you to duplicate 'Option Sets' across products. This would assist with adding workflow along with easy setup to add some structure to your product tiles.

    Hope this helps, Option Sets is finalising testing and due out soon!


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