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Add On - Price Lists

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What it Does

There are lots of situations where the prices for certain products you sell might change. This could be a time based change like Happy Hour, Promotional or Weekend Pricing or it could be a location based changed with you City Stores, Regional Stores and Metro stores having variations based on the people they sell to.

We've got you covered with our Price Lists feature.

Please Note:

- When a Price List rule is triggered, the POS will present a green bar advising of the change, this bar must be tapped to initiate a SYNC or a SYNC must be manually performed to ensure that the new pricing is enabled/disabled. 

- Price lists will change the standard company pricing of your products, it will not change the prices of products included in Option Sets, these need to be manually updated.

Enabling Price Lists

Like all other Kounta built add ons, Price Lists are free.
To enable follow theses steps

  1. Tap Sites

  2. Select a Site

  3. Tap on Add-Ons

  4. Choose Price Lists

  5. Tap Enable

Once enabled a new tab called Pricing will show on your Site Level horizontal menu

Existing Price Lists

By default you will have Company pricing which is managed from the Products area and is what most people will stick with. This forms the basis for setting up other price lists.

Depending on the age of your Kounta you might find you have some others in there, likely name after your Sites this is because Kounta used to support Site Pricing 

Creating New Price Lists

Creating new Price Lists is simple! Follow these steps

  1. Go to a specific Site that has Price Lists enabled

  2. Select Pricing from the horizontal menu

  3. Tap Create New Price List

  4. Give the price list a name

  5. Find the product/s you want to apply a price change to

  6. Type in the new price into the Price field (note we show you the Company Price as a reference point)

  7. As you click away from a field it will automatically save

You can also apply bulk price changes by a $ or % amount by ticking the checkboxes  then tapping the Bulk Options dropdown. 

NOTE: If you don't specifically set a price for a product in your price lists, don't worry! We automatically default that product to the Company price, so only set a price for the products you want to change.

Once created we need to apply some Rules before the Price List will affect anything 


ALSO NOTE: Ensure that you a) select the price list you wish to change (i.e Happy Hour) and b) change the price in the "price" field not "company price" field. 


Setting the Standard Price List for a Site

Under the Pricing section you will see Rules in the horizontal menu. Tap on that to manage the default price list used at the Site and setup other rules to move between your price lists.

Setting the Standard Price List is super simple, once on the Rules page just tap the dropdown and choose one of the price lists.

Once you hit Save & Apply  it will push out a notification to all registers at the site, advising of the change and giving them an option to update to the new pricing.

NOTE: If another rule is in effect the Standard price list will not immediately change your site pricing.

Configuring Rules

One of the nicest things about the Price List feature is the ability to trigger price changes in your site/s without needing to do it manually.

Let's use an example of a bar that runs Happy Hour pricing.

Once they have created their Happy Hour price list, they can setup Rules about when this will automatically take affect.

Rules have a Day, From Time and To Time that dictate when they in affect, once outside that time the Site automatically switches back to the Standard Price List

Configuring rules is simple, see below:

  1. Tap Add New Rule 

  2. Set a Day  

  3. Set a From Time (when it should start!) 

  4. Set a To Time(when it should finish!) 

  5. Select the Pricelist to change to  

  6. Tap Save & Apply

As you can see it's quick and easy to setup and is a great way to manage what prices you use at what times.

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    Needs more options than just time based price lists. Need to be able to swap to different price lists for each sale.

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