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Setting up Price Lists

Want to drive additional revenue from discounts and surcharges? In this guide, you’ll learn how to automate discounts and surcharges with our feature, Price Lists.



What's In This Guide?


Before You Begin

You'll need:

  • A Manage plan
  • Site pricing enabled for users


Enabling Price Lists 

  1. Go to Features on the Back Office. 
  2. Click Price Lists.     enable-addon.png
  3. Enable Price Lists.Screen_Shot_2021-03-05_at_2.10.51_pm.png



Creating Price Lists

Go to My Site and then Price Lists.



You will notice that you have a default price list. This list contains existing products and their respective prices. 

To create a new discount or surcharge, click “Create Price List”, then give it a name.



You will need to choose from a normal price list, percentage surcharge or discount.Screen_Shot_2021-03-05_at_2.16.19_pm.png

With regards to normal price lists, you can: 

    • Filter by POS categories, tags and reporting groups.
    • Add individual prices or apply them to multiple boxes by ticking them. 
    • Reset pricing or change pricing.



   With regards to percentage surcharges and discounts, you can apply rates to:

    • All products and option sets
    • Selected POS Categories
    • Tagged products     



Once done you can save your price lists or save and schedule them. 
If you save and schedule your price lists you can: 

Click “No repeat” and organise them for one time only.

This could be all day or for a block of time.                   


Repeat schedules everyday and select all day or a block of time.Screen_Shot_2021-03-05_at_2.30.10_pm.png

Repeat schedules weekly, select days and all day or a block of time. Screen_Shot_2021-03-05_at_2.29.04_pm.png

Repeat schedules for multiple dates and select all day or a block of time. Screen_Shot_2021-03-05_at_2.29.13_pm.png

You can then manage price lists by priority. Only one price list can run at one time.                     Screen_Shot_2021-03-05_at_2.24.26_pm.png             


Managing Price Lists

When your price lists are activated, the POS will display a green bar at the top of the screen. It will encourage staff to activate the price lists. 

Note - If your price list is not on the POS, check that you’re online and that your POS has been recently synced with the Back Office.        


Frequently Asked Questions

How can I make site-specific pricing?

Please check out our guide here. 


I would like my staff to make manual pricing adjustments. How can this be achieved? 

Check out our support guide on our Price Adjustment Add-on.

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