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Setting up Staff Level Order Control


Keep your staff focused on their orders. Normally, all of your staff get to see and edit all open orders on the Point of Sale - however, you have the option to enable your staff to see only the orders they created under My Orders.


Your staff will still be able to see orders created by other staff if needed - but they will be prevented from editing other users’ orders unless they are admin. 


This results in a more accurate report of staff sales performance for each staff member.


The Staff Level Order Control add-on makes this all possible.



What's in this guide?   


Enable the Staff Level Order Control add-on

Frequently Asked Questions


Enable the Staff Level Order Control add-on


1. From the Add-ons Page in  Back Office, find the Staff Level Order Control add-on.



2. Enable this Add-on by clicking on the orange Enable Staff Level Order Control button



And you're done! After enabling this, a new option will appear in the Orders tab at the Point of Sale.


By selecting My Orders, staff can see just their own orders. They can also view all the orders by selecting Orders.




Frequently Asked Questions


Can I allow my staff to be able to filter their own orders as well as see other orders?

Yes you can. Once this add-on is enabled, they will get the option to view just their orders under My Orders and also see other orders under Orders. They, however, cannot edit other orders unless they are given admin permission.


How do I give my staff admin access so they can edit other orders?

You can easily manage user permissions and settings from the Back Office under the People page.



What's my next step?


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