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Applying Discounts & Surcharges




How to apply a discount/surcharge to an individual product

1. Click on the item you'd like to discount/surcharge in the order summary screen


2. Click on the 'Add Adjustment' option 
(Note: only users with appropriate permissions can apply discount/surcharges, find out more here)



3. Add in your adjustment amount:



You'll see the adjustment amount appear under the Line Total section:


3. Hit 'Apply changes' to save the changes applied to the item.



The discount amount will then display under the item in the order:



To apply a discount/surcharge to a whole order

1. Select the cog icon at the bottom right hand corner of the POS screen.


2. Select 'Discount' or 'Surcharge' option:



3. Enter in your adjustment percentage or amount and hit 'OK'

You'll then see the adjustment applied to your order total. 



Another way to apply adjustments to a whole order is to click on the order total section highlighted below, this will prompt the adjustment screen where you can add in your adjustment amount:







How do I track discounts and surcharges?

Easily ensure all your price changes are above board. View trends regarding your discounts and surcharges from the Adjustments dashboard in Lightspeed  Insights. You can also look at the Adjustments report in Back Office for a more basic overview. 

If you have any questions, simply ask your manager or, select help on any page in Lightspeed to reach our 24-Hour Support Team


How do I automatically apply discounts and surcharges to an order?

The Adjustments feature will allow you to set up an adjustment button with your desired adjustment amount and have this prompt on certain payment types of your choosing. For example, if you're wanting to set up a credit card surcharge, you can use our Adjustments feature to create a credit card surcharge adjustment button that prompts when you hit your credit card button at checkout. 

If you're wanting to automatically apply a surcharge for a public holiday, see our Pricelists feature guide which will allow you to apply a surcharge to all your products and set up a time and date for the surcharge to be applied. 

If you're wanting to apply a promotional discount that gets triggered for certain members or for certain products, you may want to check our our Automatic Promotions guide

If you're wanting to set up a combo deal type discount, check out our guide on how to use option sets to create meal combos.


 How do I apply a discount to Account Sales?
You can discount BEFORE you put a sale on account, but not after. Once it's on account you can apply a payment, and once it's paid you can process a refund.


What's my next step?

Next, let's brush up on finalising your end of day takings.

Or, if you are looking to track your Petty Cash & Float in Lightspeed then we have a guide for that too.



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