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Applying discounts or surcharges on POS

Discounts entice customers to purchase sooner and can be a major deciding factor in their decision. The use of effective discounting boosts customer acquisition and drives customer loyalty. 

Follow this guide to apply discount/surcharge outside of predefined discounts or additional charges, such as a holiday/weekend surcharge, VIP discounts, Senior Citizen discounts, and more. This could be a 50% discount on some of your goods that need to be sold quickly; in this case, we can still apply it even if it isn't part of your automatic promotion.

Wanting to pass on the merchant fees for Lightspeed Payments eftpos charges? Go to Lightspeed Payments - Surcharging to learn more.

What's in this guide?

Discount a product | 1 minute

Discount/surcharge a whole order | 1 minute

What's Next? 

Frequently Asked Questions 


Before you begin

You’ll need:

  • Apply Adjustments permission (included in the basic POS permissions)

Need to check on your staff's permission settings? Check out our Managing User Permissions guide.

Discount a product

If you’re running a promotion or need to sell a product quickly, discounting a product may persuade customers to buy the item at a reduced price for a limited time.

  1. On the POS, click the item you'd like to discount in the order summary.mceclip7.png
  2. Click Add adjustment.mceclip8.png
  3. Select Custom Discount and enter the adjustment percentage or amount.mceclip2.png
  4. Hit Apply Changes to save the changes applied to the item.

The discount amount will display under the item in the order.


Discount/surcharge a whole order

  1. On your POS, select the cog icon at the bottom right-hand corner of the screen.mceclip14.png
  2. Select the Discount or Surcharge option.mceclip15.png
  3. Add in your adjustment percentage or amount by selecting Custom Discount.


You will see the adjustment applied to your order total. 



Pro tip: Apply adjustments to a whole order by clicking on the order total section to prompt the adjustment screen and add in your adjustment amount.mceclip19.png

What's next?

There are many other ways to adjust prices. Our awesome features help you automate a lot of the work and will help with your reporting!

Check out the attached guides to see which is the right workflow for your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why can't I discount an item? 

To apply an adjustment to a price you must have the Apply Adjustments permission (included in the basic POS permissions). 


How do I track discounts and surcharges?

Easily ensure all your price changes are above board and view trends regarding your discounts and surcharges from the Adjustments dashboard in Insights.


How do I automatically apply discounts and surcharges to an order?

The Adjustments feature allows you to set up an adjustment button with your desired adjustment amount and have this prompt on payment types of your choosing. For example, to set up a credit card surcharge, you can use the Adjustments feature to create a credit card surcharge adjustment button that prompts when you hit the credit card button at checkout. 

To automatically apply a surcharge for a public holiday, see the Pricelists guide to apply a surcharge to all your products and set up a time and date for the surcharge to be applied. 

To apply a promotional discount triggered for certain members or products, check out our Automatic Promotions guide.

To set up a combo deal-type discount, check out our guide on using option sets to create meal combos.


 How do I apply a discount to Account Sales?

You can only discount BEFORE you put a sale on account. 

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