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Add On - Accounts

Michael -

What it Does

The Kounta Account Sales add on allows you to create and manage post paid accounts with your customers.

Enabling Account Sales

  1. Go to Sites

  2. Select the relevant Site

  3. Go to Add Ons

  4. Select Accounts

  5. Tap Enable


Creating an Account Sale



  1. Start an Order 

  2. Select Customer button at top of the receipt panel

  3. Search for the Customer or Add New Customer and enter in all the relevant customer information. You can search for a customer using tags, number, name or email, then select the customer from the list of available customers. Press Save to assign the customer to the sale.

  4. Add Products to the order.

  5. OPTIONAL - If you need to apply a discount click on the order total at the bottom of the receipt panel

  6. Select Checkout > On Account.

Once an order has been put On Account, users will only be able to review and pay off the transaction (or send out copies of invoices).


Interacting with the Account Sale in POS


- Account Sales can be accessed either directly through the side menu, or by clicking Orders and then selecting Accounts

- Select the customer whose account you need to access. Once in the customer click Unpaid Orders

- Note that you can either click the subtotal of the entire account, or select individual orders.

- The subtotal at the bottom can only be used to pay off the entire account.

- Selecting individual orders can pay that individual order, or re-send / re-print the invoice for that order.





Interacting with the Account Sale in Back Office


The Accounts Add-On includes various configuration options. To access this:

- Go to Back Office

- Click Menu

- Click Add-Ons

- Click Accounts


You will then be able to go through the various options, largely you can determine how often the system should send statements to customers to remind them of their amount due, and also enter in accounting details such as banking details, terms of trade, and so on.

Any field left blank will just be ignored on the invoice.

You can also 'Preview' the invoice Kounta sends a customer when an on-account sale is generated, as well as the statements that we send any customer with an owing balance (as per the frequency you set in the settings).


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  • Avatar

    Do Account sales ever hit the accounting system or are they isolated in Kounta?

  • Avatar

    Hi Liam

    Currently we automatically sync account sales across to AccountRight Live as proper Accounts Receivables with payment syncs enabled.

    We will definitely be adding this to other accounting integrations in future so stay tuned!

  • Avatar
    Blanco Donato

    It is CRUCIAL that the account sale hits the inventory system, otherwise it does not match. An account sale is a sale made, the money has not gone in yet, but the actual item is gone.

  • Avatar
    Jonathan Grainger

    Is there a way to apply one payment to multiple account unpaid orders. Eg a customer comes in and has 15 orders. Is there way to see a total amount and pay that whole amount off in one hit or does each transaction need to be paid (15 transactions)

  • Avatar
    Jo Bennett

    Where do I got to find a total due for Account transactions? We have a customer that accrues charges daily, but pays monthly.

  • Avatar
    Jenni K

    Help Please... In MYOB essentials the invoice has been created from the Kounta export but the income is not showing in the profit and Loss a/c. Is this because it may not have been checked out in Kounta? I do the accounting so I'm not so familiar with the day to day of Kounta. But believe me after my research to find this problem I will be and expert!! :)

    In the K reconciliation there is a variance of $50097 accumulated since opening. I think it is because they have not been including 1 of the registers in the daily takings. Correct?

    If I end up just recording sales manually into MYOB essentials, which figures are the sales figures for the day? The counted or recorded? It is all over the place and I am trying to find a pattern. or do I need to liase with the owner to see what he believes it to be?

    If I go ahead and we manually enter the income into the existing 100 draft invoices sitting in MYOB how will I get the sales to show in the P & L? Should we delete every invoice and import again ensuring we do a checkout? If so, do we have to do it day by day?

    June 30 is fast approaching. Your detailed response would be greatly appreciated. Jen

  • Avatar
    Al Jones

    Lets say I want to wholesale a keg to a pub. To do this I add a keg to an order and save it under the customer "Pub A". I then deliver the keg. I now want to issue a invoice via email (I would like bank BSB info etc on the invoice too).
    A) Can Kounta do this?
    B) Will the end of day reconciliation be out every day until the order is paid?
    C) Will the inventory ever reflect that that keg is gone?

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