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Selling with Account Sales

Lightspeed enables you to seamlessly create accounts, place orders under an account, and send customer invoices and statements. Statements can be scheduled to send automatically.

The payment options under an account sale are the same as with regular sales (cash, credit card, etc.) plus payment via bank deposit.

This video shows just how easy it is to place an order on account.

This guide covers how to create and manage accounts.

What's in this guide? 

Enable Accounts Add-On 

Place an order on Account

Process payments and manage Accounts

Configure Accounts in Back Office

Frequently Asked Questions


Enabling the Accounts Feature

1. From the Features section in Lightspeed Back Office, find the Accounts feature
Note: Use the search function to find the feature you're looking for


2. Enable this Feature by selecting the blue Enable button.


Configure Accounts in Back Office

1. From 'Sites' or 'My Site' section in the Back Office, select Site Information

2. This first setting is for sending the invoice to your customer’s email.

Under “Receipt options,” look for Send receipts to customers via email to choose which option suits you best.


3. Select Save

4. Next, we will need to configure the Accounts statement and invoice.
From the Back Office, select Features section(If you have more than one Site, you will be prompted to select which one)

5. Select Accounts then select Configuration

6. Fill in the fields:

Statement Frequency: Choose the schedule of auto-sending account statements to your customers. The Statements are summaries of the pending balances of each account.
Payment/Bank Details: Indicate your bank details so customers can pay via transfers or direct deposit
Payment Terms: Use this as a reminder of payment terms such as when and how the payment needs to be settled

7. This will automatically save your settings;


8. After updating your Statement Frequency, Payment/Bank Details and Payment terms, select Statement Preview to view how your statements will look when sent to customers.
You can also view how your Account invoices will look by clicking the 'Invoice Preview' section.
Note: An invoice will get sent/will print based on your Site Information settings(configured in the previous step) and is only sent each time an order gets added to a customer account on POS.  


Place an order on Account

1. From the POS - Place your order as normal

2. Select Check Out & choose On Account



3. You will be prompted to choose the account - Simply search & select the customer or add a new customer.


Note - Customers can be added from the Back Office or from the Point of Sale


4. Once the customer information is entered, select Save


5. You will now be prompted to confirm the Account identity which will allow you to decide to allow this customer to have an account (if they have one already, you will see their current balance.)

Select Yes to proceed.


This order has now been charged to this account. You will only be able to review and pay off the transaction (or send statements and invoices)

6. If you've configured your register settings to prompt when sending receipts, you'll then be prompted to send an Invoice to the customer.
Note: You can view how your Accounts invoices look via Back Office>Features>Accounts>Configuration>Invoice Preview section



Process Account payments and manage Accounts

1. On your POS, select the menu icon on the top left corner


2. Select Accounts

Pro Tip - Alternatively, you can access Accounts by finding it under Orders


3. Select the Account you’d like to process payment for

4. You will then see the Account summary

5. Select Apply Payments. This will trigger a pop up where you'll need to enter in the amount the customer would like to pay.  

6. Checkout as normal

Note - If a customer chooses to partially pay off an Accounts order, it will show on the account summary as Part Paid.



How to remove an order from an Account 

POS will not allow customers to simply delete Account orders from a customers account so the only way to remove these would be to apply payments to them and then refund the order. Steps on how to do this are below. 

1. On your POS, select the menu icon on the top left corner



2. Select Accounts


3. Select the customer Account

4. Select the order you'd like to remove from the customer account and then select 'Apply Payment';

5. Checkout using cash(this is so that we can refund the order immediately after it is processed).


6. Navigate back to the POS menu:


7. Select 'History'

8. Locate the Account sale that payments were previously applied to and select 'Refund Sale' ;



9. Select 'Refund all' 

10. Select 'Cash' (as this was the payment method we used to apply payments to the account sale in step 5)

11. The items in the order will then appear with a minus in front to illustrate that they have been refunded. 

How to send Account Statements and Invoices from POS.

1. On your POS, select the menu icon on the top left corner


2. Select Accounts


3. Select the customer Account

4. Select the cog icon in the bottom right hand corner


5. Select 'Send Statement'
Note: The statement will contain a summary of items pending payment and will not contain a Tax invoice number. 


6. If the customer would like an Invoice instead simply click on an unpaid order on the customer Account

7. Select the cog in the bottom right hand cornermceclip28.png


8. Select 'Email Invoice' - This will send the individual order total to be paid and the invoice number to the customers account. 


How to view paid customer orders in Back Office.

1. Navigate to Back Office>People>Customers section


2. Search for the customer > Click on the receipt icon on the right hand side

3. This will take you the Customer History section where you can view all on account orders that have been paid off by the customer:

4. Clicking the magnifying glass on the right hand side of a paid account order will give you a preview of the items in the sale:


5. Clicking the receipt icon on the right hand side of a customer account sale will open the sale and allow you to email the sale and or preview the sale in a PDF format




Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to pay for the Lightspeed  Accounts Feature?

Features are included with different Lightspeed Plans - so check if this one is already included with yours.

If you need a plan upgrade, it's a fine day for a power-up! Talk to us.


Do unpaid orders added to a customer account appear in my Sales Feed?

No, only when the sale has been paid off does it appear in your Sales feed. 


Can I see how much is owing on my customer accounts through reporting? 

Yes you can, via the Customer Sales and Individual Customer sales dashboards available in Lightspeed  Insights. Reach out to your Account Manager for more information on this!


Can I email account statements to my customers automatically?

You can set a schedule for the automatic sending of Statements to your accounts. The Statements are summaries of the pending balances of each account.

These can be automatically sent weekly, fortnightly, or monthly. These can also be disabled.


Can I sync my customer accounts with my accounting package?

Yes, you can! The accounting integration will be able to perform a sync of various data points including account sales. (This is available for all paid Lightspeed plans)

One exception is MYOB Essentials - you can however sync payments with MYOB AccountingRight.


Can accounts be paid via direct deposit?

Commonly, you’d get customer accounts of companies that will settle their payments in bulk via wire transfer or direct deposit. Once they make the payment, this will sync to your accounting and be marked as paid on Lightspeed.


Can accounts be paid via Gift Card?

No, account sales cannot be paid off using Gift Cards.


 How do I apply a discount to Account Sales?
You can discount BEFORE you put a sale on account, but not after. Once it's on account you can apply a payment, and once it's paid you can process a refund.


What's my next step?

Do you already have an accounting package?Learn all about your accounting options and how they can be integrated with Lightspeed.



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