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Add your site information into Lightspeed

If you need to add your ABN or Trading number to Lightspeed, update your business contact details, or hide clutter on your receipts then you're in the right place. This guide takes you through the business details you need to enter on Lightspeed.



What's in this guide? 

Before you begin
Site Details
Site Address
Trading Times  
Receipts options
Online Ordering
Frequently Asked Questions


Before you begin

Head to the Site Information page in  Back Office by selecting My Site / Sites then select Site Information. (If you have more than one site, you will be asked to first choose the site you'd like to edit)



Site Details

These details are mostly for your customers and by default will appear on Tax Receipts that you give your customers. Each field is discussed below this image.


Site Name - Your Trading Name. That witty name on your door that your customers know you by. 

Logo - Select the grey square beside Site Name to set a logo for your business. This logo appears on your customer-facing display if you have one set up.

Business Number (ABN, NZBN, EIN or TIN) - This is the field where you add you ABN, NZBN, EIN, TIN or, your country's equivalent. This is a customer-facing and generally, a legally required field.

Phone Number  - Your business phone number - if you don't have one you can choose to hide this from receipts in the Receipt options section below.

Email  - You've got the trend by now - it's your business email (not your personal hotmail) 

Business Type - How do you identify? Customers don't see this part but we like to know where you fit into the Hospitality industry so that we can serve you better.

Website - Do you have an Instagram, Facebook, blog or, just a good ol' fashioned website? This field is where you can tell your own customers about your website.

Takings Reconciliation - These settings allow you to choose how you want to finalise your takings at the end of each day (or shift).


  • Takings By Register - Each register has its own cash drawer & EFTPOS terminal and your standard workflow is to close these independently.
  • Takings By Site - Definitely the most common for the majority of our customers. You close off all of your POS terminals together at the end of each shift/day.
  • Takings By Staff - Use this option with extreme caution. Not for the faint of heart. If each sale processed by a staff member is paid with separate cash drawers or more likely separate EFTPOS terminals, you may consider using this option. Generally, this is used in conjunction with Staff Level Order Control.

Cash limit warning - Toggle this to yes if you would like to prompt staff to do a Money Out when the cash in the register reaches a specified amount. This is one of the ways to minimise the risk of theft.


Site Address

The site address is an important part to get correct - Lightspeed relies on this data to ensure that you have access to your region's specific add-ons. This is particularly important for getting the correct EFTPOS Integration.



Trading Times


Trading Times 
If you plan to use Insights Live (our mobile analytics app), the Trading TImes entered here will finetune the reports. This is great news for businesses that trade past midnight!

Time zone
Customers don't see this part but we like to know where you fit into the Hospitality industry so that we can serve you better.


Receipt options

Choose which of these details will show on your customer's Tax Receipts. Naturally, Site Name and Business Number are locked to always displaying. You can choose whether or not to show your address, phone number, website, and email on your receipt.


A few additional settings include:

Print $0 modifiers - Toggle this to yes if you want your on-screen modifiers and product-linked modifiers that are priced at $0 to print on the receipt. This will not affect your production dockets.

Print product notes - Toggle this to yes if you want to include the product notes entered in the order to print on the receipt. This will not affect your production dockets.

Print customer details - Toggle this to yes if you want your customer's name, number, and address to show on the receipt. This will only apply to customers that you have added to Lightspeed. 

Edit receipt footer - You can customise the receipt footer on your customer receipts.


Send receipts to customers via email - You can choose to email the receipts automatically or manually. You can also disable emailing receipts.

Note - If you would like to add a logo to your receipt, refer to this guide.


Online Ordering


Enter your Store description, Dietary Information (Vegan, Organic, Kosher, etc.), Store tags, Directions, and Promotional Images.  If you plan to use a 3rd party integration for ordering online (Hey You, Bopple, Loke, Mobi2go, me&u, and etc.), the data from this section will be surfaced accordingly.


Frequently Asked Questions


Where do I enter my ABN in Lightspeed for my customers' tax receipts?

You are on the right page - these are entered in the site information page in the back office - you can find the specific spot below - Add your ABN or Trading Number


Why can't I see the correct add-ons for my country?

You need to ensure that your site address is correct as this controls the regionally based add-ons


What's my next step?

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