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Building the perfect menu workflow

Michael -

Creating the perfect menu workflow is one of the most important things you'll do while setting up or optimising your Kounta.

Below, we've outlined an overview video and a series of short snapshot videos with product examples to help you utilise all the tools at your disposal to create the perfect menu workflow.

Building your menu in Kounta overview.



Normal products snapshot
Eg. Doughnut, a bottle of beer, a cocktail, antipasto plate.



Products with variations
Eg. T-shirt in various sizes and colour, coffee in various sizes, Wine by bottle or glass, milkshake in flavours, Takeaway / dine in.



Products with options or selections
Eg. Skim or Soy milk to a coffee, Rare or Well done for a steak then sauce for the steak, Up-sell pastries for a Coffee, Selection of entre and main in a set menu.



Products that modify other products
Eg. Skim milk, sugar, Diane sauce, raspberry syrup, extra shot.



Products sold in variable quantities
Eg. Almonds by kg, coffee by the gram, Service by Hour.
Pro tip: Adding a product called 'open food' or 'open bev' for $1 and applying a variable quantity prompt will allow your team to select this product, type the 'price' in as the quantity and add the open item to the sale with the price specified.



Adding images to products
Note: This changes the location of the text on the product tile.



Rearranging the order of and adding colours to titles and categories on the point of sale



Using Option Sets to create Bundle Deals
(i.e 3 for $30, 4 for $35) -- written guide.

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