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Membership and Redemption Sales

Dan P -

This guide shows how to use the Tags field to keep track of membership end dates and number of prepaid items redeemed.

We will use the example of a play area that sells a 5 pass (Can be used as a product redemption voucher as well) as well as a yearly access pass.

The first step is to add a few products to Kounta:

(You may not need to add all options below and the options pertain to the example above but can be repurposed to suit your situation)

  • Normal entry ($normal price)
  • Voucher entry ($0)
  • Membership entry ($0)
  • Voucher ($voucher cost)
  • Membership ($membership cost)

If someone want to buy a 5 pass, sell them a 5 pass and add a customer to an order with name field, email, phone and add 5 X's in the Tags field. Then sell them 1 voucher entry (if they are using one today), add the customer to the sale (Easily found through search) and remove one of the X from the Tags field.

For someone who wants a membership, sell them a membership and add a customer to the sale with name, email, phone and Subscription end dd/mm/yyyy in the Tags field. Then for entry simply sell the customer a membership entry after checking the Tags field against the current date.


To enhance reporting for these products check out the tagged reporting guide linked here

For a hand adding products click here

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