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Wireless Printing

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**Please note that wireless printing is not officially supported by Kounta, this method may work in your environment however our testing has indicated that it does not provide the best customer experience.

When setting up Ethernet based Epson printers we always recommend connecting the printer directly to the router using an ethernet cable from the printer directly to the printer.

This is usually the most cost effective solution and ensures optimal performance and reliability. Even if the cables need to be installed, the benefits of using an ethernet connection for the printers is invaluable. 

To find a partner to assist in network installation Click Here

If you are unable to have ethernet cables installed at your site an Apple AirPort Express could be used to connect an Ethernet Printer to the existing WiFi network. The performance of this solution is reliant on the existing wireless network.

 Configuring Wireless Printing
  1. Purchase an Apple AirPort Express (1 AirPort Express per Printer to be connected wirelessly).

  2. Configure the AirPort Express using AirPort Utility to join your existing wireless network. For setup steps see Apple Support's configuration guide.
  3. Ensure that USB printing is disabled and Airplay is disabled on the AirPort Express.

  4. Connect the Epson Ethernet Printer via an ethernet cable to the AirPort Express. Ensure that you connect the printer to the LAN ethernet port and not the WAN port.

  5. Configure the Epson Ethernet Printer from the link below depending on the printer type.

    Epson Intelligent printer Setup OR Kounta iPad app printer Setup 

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