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What hardware can I use With Lightspeed Kounta?


Lightspeed Kounta POS is compatible with iPad, iPhone, iPod, Android devices as well as Windows and Apple Computers.

You can use one or more types of devices in a single venue. So if you want to bring hardware from your previous system or buy new, getting up and running is quick and simple!


Before you begin 

Buying new hardware

Using your existing hardware


Before you begin - You'll need a solid network

We know that it can be tricky knowing what's hot and what's not when looking at your network. So one of our Specialists put together this guide on best networking practices to help you out.

Still, need some help? It might be time to call in the cavalry. You can find a listing for our carefully selected Specialist Partners from the Lightspeed Kounta Back Office.



Buying new hardware

Before you buy new hardware we recommend you visit our hardware page which shows a few examples of what we recommend. If you would like to ask a few questions or get a quote, our team is more than happy to help. Ready to talk to an expert?



Using your existing hardware

Already have a device you can use but want to make sure it won't let you down? Below are a list of the minimum requirements needed for iOS (Apple), Android and Windows devices.


For iOS devices made by Apple we recommend using these or newer devices

  • iPad Mini 4
  • iPad Air 2
  • iPad Pro - 1st Gen
  • iPhone 5S, iPod Touch - 6th Gen.

iOS 11 is the oldest supported software. If your device is older than listed or running an older version of iOS, we recommend updating or replacing your devices to avoid stability issues.


We have an app that is compatible with Android, however giving a "minimum" spec can be a little tricky as performance on Android devices can vary greatly even among units that meet these requirements.

As such instead we can provide a list of Android tablets we either know work with Lightspeed based on customer feedback or units that we actually test ourselves.

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab A (SM-T380)
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10" (SM-T510)
  • Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 (MI PAD 4)
  • Samsung Galaxy S9 (SM-G960F)
  • Google Pixel 4XL

Browser Compatibility - Lightspeed Kounta is developed and optimised for use with Google Chrome. Best if you make sure you have the latest version.


Prefer to use a combination of any of the above? Well, you can.

Simply make sure each device meets the minimum recommended requirements above.


Pro Tip -  If you are planning  on using a Windows or Mac computer for any of your POS then, you will need to use the Intelligent printing method



Next step? Setting up your Hardware

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