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What hardware can I use with Lightspeed?


Lightspeed O-Series is compatible with iPad, iPhone, and iPod devices running iOS 16 or higher.


Before you begin 

Buying new hardware

Using your existing hardware


Before you begin - You'll need a solid network

We know that it can be tricky knowing what's hot and what's not when looking at your network. So one of our Specialists put together this guide on best networking practices to help you out.

Still, need some help? It might be time to call in the cavalry. You can find a listing for our carefully selected Specialist Partners from the Lightspeed Back Office.



Buying new hardware

Before you buy new hardware we recommend you visit our hardware page which shows a few examples of what we recommend. If you would like to ask a few questions or get a quote, our team is more than happy to help. Ready to talk to an expert?

All Lightspeed features are compatible when you’re running iOS. While we provide support for Android and Chrome some features and payment integrations are incompatible.

You'll also want to check out compatibility with printers here.



Using your existing hardware

Already have a device you can use but want to make sure it won't let you down? Below is a list of the minimum requirements needed for iOS (Apple), Android and Windows devices.


For iOS devices made by Apple, we recommend using these or newer devices

  • iPad 5th Generation
  • iPad Mini 5th Generation
  • iPad Air 3rd Generation
  • iPad Pro - 1st Gen
  • iPhone 8

    iOS 16 is the oldest supported software. If your device is older than listed or running an older version of iOS, we recommend updating or replacing your devices to avoid stability issues.

    Please note that the iOS app has the most support for our various add-ons and features.

Important: Apple has a feature available for all users where they can enable downloading Beta versions of the newest iPadOS. We absolutely do not recommend this. Lightspeed will only ever support full released versions of iPadOS. 

Legacy Support

While Lightspeed O-Series is compatible with the following systems, please note that certain features (including but not limited to Bluetooth printing) are not supported. 

For the best experience, we highly recommend using a recent model iOS device.

However, if you prefer other options, the following operating systems are also supported:



Lightspeed has an app that is compatible with Android, it is tested and has full support on the following devices.

  • Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10" (SM-T510)
  • Xiaomi Mi Pad 4 (MI PAD 4)
  • Google Pixel 4XL and 5

Other devices should be compatible if they meet these specifications, but please note there can be hardware limitations or software deviations on certain devices beyond our control.

  • Quad-Core 1.8GHz Processor 
  • Android 13 or higher*
  • 2GB of RAM (minimum)
  • Must be a Google Play Services compatible device

* = Please note that 'Android Go' and other cut-down versions of Android are not supported.
Lightspeed POS is also only available on the Google Play store and will not be made available on any alternative storefronts nor will the .apk file be made available. We also do not support Android emulation software.


Browser Compatibility - Lightspeed is developed and optimised for use with Google Chrome specifically (not Chromium variants such as Edge or Brave).


Pro Tip -  If you are planning  on using a Windows or MacOS computer for any of your POS registers then, you will need to use the Intelligent printing method - please note that printers using this method are becoming difficult to source.

Most modern PCs under 5 years old should have no problem running Lightspeed O-Series.

Lightspeed O-Series is supported on Google Chrome on Windows 10 or higher.
The Windows PC must be using an x64 based processor.
(ARM based devices like the Raspberry Pi or the Surface Pro X are not supported)

It's hard to give specific hardware requirements as different sized stores need different levels of horsepower, but arguably if your device can handle Netflix or Youtube at 1080P there's a good chance Lightspeed O-Series should be okay.

Please be aware we have seen performance issues crop up on older 'POS Appliance' style devices that can often be attributed to old age of the hard drive or underpowered processors (ie the Celeron J1900 is commonly seen on these units and can at times struggle with O-Series).

Note: We do not recommend or support any software package that emulates or virtualises Android or iOS.


Next step? Setting up your Hardware

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