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Kounta on Windows (Chrome)

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If you're planning on using Kounta with ONLY Windows then read on, if you're planning on using it with a mixture of devices head over to the Mixed guide.

Windows Minimum Requirements

Windows PC with:
Screen Resolution: 1024 x 778 or greater
RAM: 4GB or more
Microsoft Windows 7 or newer (Note that Windows 10S is not currently compatible)
Capacitive touchscreen for best experience

Windows tablet with:
Screen Resolution: 1024 x 778 or greater
RAM: 2GB or more
Microsoft Windows 7 or newer (Note that Windows 10S is not currently compatible)

A note on CPU Chipset choice: Kounta can be used on a wide range of windows based devices which means there is a wide range of CPU's which you may encounter.

Our experience shows that Kounta works best on Intel i5 & i7 powered devices. Please note that AMD Athlon, Intel Celeron and Intel Atom chipsets often found in older touch screen devices may show some slowness with more intense Kounta functionality. 

Browser Compatibility:

Kounta is developed and optimised for use with Google Chrome, you can get it here
Using Kounta with Firefox, Safari or Internet Explorer is not recommended, this will result in usability issues and the inability to print via an Epson Intelligent Printer.

Please note that for some functionality (such as Intelligent Print Server Printing and Cash Drawer functions) you will need to add --allow-running-insecure-content to your Chrome shortcut.


Epson TMi Intelligent Range

The Epson Intelligent range allows your browser to communicate directly with your printer. It can also delegate print jobs to a range of normal Epson ethernet printers. Therefore with only one Intelligent printer you can power a number of other Epson ethernet printer and can create complex printing setup quickly and simply.

Compatible Printers

Lead Epson Intelligent Printers* 
TM-T88V-i Intelligent Cloud Printer
TM-T82-i Intelligent Cloud Printer
TM-T70-i Intelligent Cloud Printer

Secondary Epson Printers (Requires at least 1 Epson Intelligent Printer)*
T82 Ethernet
T20 Ethernet
T70 Ethernet
T88V Ethernet
U220 Ethernet

Click here to Get and Setup Hardware.

Additional Options
Standard Cash Drawer
Bluetooth Barcode Scanner

Click here to find a Kounta Hardware Partner

Click here to find an MYOBKounta partner

*Each printer needs to be cabled into the router that produces the Wi-Fi for the Windows Device

For more information on printing with Kounta Click Here.

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