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Create a new Lightspeed account

Welcome to Lightspeed!

Opening a new business can be a busy time - so we're here to help. This guide will get you through the steps to create a new Lightspeed account. If you get stuck - we're here for you - our Support runs on Hospo time - 24/7.


Creating a New Account  

Our Lite plan gives every new customer the chance to trial Lightspeed for free. You can get to know Lightspeed and explore just about all of our features without any time pressure - until you've decided the time is right to upgrade. The Lite plan also allows up to 10 transactions per day, giving you the opportunity to test end-to-end sales workflows, live in your venue.


1. First, go to the Lightspeed Sign Up Page.

2. Once there, enter your details to begin. 

Here's a checklist for a secure password:
  • An uppercase or lowercase letter
  • A special character or number
  • More than six characters total


3. Once this is filled out correctly, checkmarks will appear beside the field and, you can select Next.

4. We just have a few quick questions about your business - just to get to know you and your business better.

All the following details can be edited even after the account is created.


If your type of business, doesn't show here, click on "More" for other options.




5. Once you've successfully filled the above fields out, we will create your account for you.

Do NOT close the window yet.


6.  Awesome! You've just created your Lightspeed account. Welcome aboard!


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a new account for each new site?

If you have multiple companies, stores, or sites, you do NOT need to create a new Lightspeed account for each one. You can add more than one store or site to your Lightspeed account.


Can I create multiple accounts with the same email?

One email for each account. However, if you need to expand with new sites or companies you can do this with the same account.


Can I transfer ownership of Lightspeed from an existing business?

Yes you can! Learn about buying an existing business and transferring ownership.



What's my next step?

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