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Using a Barcode Scanner with Kounta

Michael -

Kounta is a pure web based system, running entirely within your device's web browser or through the iPad / Android app. We have developed several ways for your Kounta to interact with your physical hardware depending on your devices and operating system.

Compatibility & Connecting your Scanner:

Your barcode scanner is not directly paired with the Kounta app, it instead gets connected/paired to your register device (Example: iPad, PC). As long as it works with the register device it should work with Kounta. For information on how to pair or connect your barcode scanner please refer to your devices documentation.

Getting Started

First ensure the scanner you have chosen is connected or paired to your device.

You can test this by opening a word processing app and scanning a barcode, if you are seeing a output of text/numbers you should be ready.

Depending on the type of scanner you have, you may be able to customise the output to include a Return (Enter) at the end of each scan, this will be ideal to make sure that the product is auto added to a sale in Kounta.

In Kounta, there are 2 steps:

  1. Add a barcode to your products, this is done from the products page, after selecting a product you will see a barcode field. 

  2.  From the POS screen, tap Search, then tap the search field. then scan your item.


You can also customise what happens after scanning an item, you can return to the sales page or stay on search.


This is customised in Back Office:

  1. MySite>Registers>Select register

  2. Change the PRODUCT SEARCH ON POS setting to your preference.



Click here to purchase Kounta compatible barcode scanners.

Click here to Pair the Motorola CS3000.

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