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Using a Barcode Scanner with Lightspeed


Quickly lookup products in the Point-of-Sale and empower your staff to beat the queue. Barcode scanners function as input devices for your registers - like automatic keyboards. This allows you to search for products quicker when you are using the Point of-Sale.

This guide will cover how to choose a barcode scanner and how to set up barcodes.



What's in this guide? 


Before you begin

Assign Barcodes

Sell with Barcodes

Frequently Asked Questions


Before you begin


You would need:

  • A Bluetooth barcode scanner - just make sure that the barcode scanner can be connected or paired to your device and you’re all set.

    If you are using an iPad for your POS then we recommend the Zebra CS3070 - you can find its pairing instructions in the CS3000 series manual. Or the SocketScan S700.

  • Have all your barcodes handy and ready to start scanning.
  • Your products uploaded into Lightspeed


Assign Barcodes


1. From the Back Office, select Products



2. You will see a list of your products. Select the cogwheel beside the product name to open Product Info

3. Fill in the Barcode field with your barcode number

Alternatively, you can select the field and then scan the barcode label - this way, the number will auto-fill


Pro Tip - These barcode numbers can also be added in bulk using a CSV. If you choose this method, make sure that while editing, the sheet does not add any excess numbers - commonly zeroes - before or after the barcode number.


If you only sell products with barcodes irregularly then you are done - happy scanning.

However, if you scan barcodes regularly then you also have the option stay on search so you are ready to find the next barcode immediately.


1. Select which register you’d like to apply this setting to from the Registers page in Back Office

2. Under Register Information scroll down to Product Search on POS


Sell with Barcodes


Once you’re all set, selling with barcode scanners is a breeze.


1. On your POS, select the Search icon

2. Scan the barcode (depending on your scanner you may need to hit the enter key.)
This will then add the product to the order summary

Note - If you have Option Sets or Variable quantities/prices set up, these will be prompted after you have selected the product as normal.


Frequently Asked Questions


Which barcode scanners are compatible with Lightspeed?

Barcode scanners do not pair directly with Lightspeed and they act mostly like a fancy keyboard. As long as the barcode scanner can be connected or paired to your POS device, it should work with Lightspeed.


Do I need one barcode scanner per register?

Commonly, barcode scanners connect to a device via Bluetooth or USB. As such, one register is to one barcode scanner.


Can I assign barcodes in bulk?

Yes you can! This is done via bulk edit through CSV. In this process, you download the CSV file, edit the barcode column, and then upload it once more to Lightspeed.

When editing, take care to not let the sheet add any excess numbers - commonly zeroes - to your barcode number. This is usually due to cell formatting. i.e. The barcode number should look exactly as it does on the label, no more no less.


What's my next step?


Have you already set up your printers and Bump Screen? Lightspeed settings allow for hardware configuration to suit various workflows and selling styles.


Have you set up your payment system? You will find plenty of options for processing payments - be it cash, card, or through accounts. Promotions, surcharges, discounts and refunds can also be configured to your needs.


Have you added your staff yet? When your staff have user profiles, you can track who is the best performing in sales, manage their POS permission or, have them clock-in and clock-out with our time & attendance add-on.


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