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Bulk Editing Options

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Kounta makes it easy to apply changes to multiple Products through the bulk selection and bulk options dropdown tools.

Before reading this guide it is best to familiarise yourself with Adding Products or Importing Products.  

Bulk Selecting Products

To select multiple Products to apply changes.

  1. Tap the  bulk selection checkbox.

  2. Tap on the downward arrow to see all selection options. 

  3. You can either select the Products on the Current Page (30 by default) or select All Products.

You can also search or change the default amount on a page to filter down your product selection.


Bulk Options Dropdown

Once you have selected products that you would like to apply changes to, the Bulk Options dropdown will appear. 

Select the desired bulk option to apply the change to selected products.

Add Categories
Add categories will allow you to apply categories to multiple products.

Remove Categories
This allows you to remove categories from multiple products.

Delete Products
This allows you to delete multiple Products. Select the Products using the bulk selection checkbox and tap on Delete Products, a button to delete will appear on the right, a warning will also show to confirm that you want to delete. 

Export Products
This allows you to export selected Products to a CSV file to make bulk changes to Products more easily.

See the Importing Products guide for more information.

Export Label Info
This allows you to export label information into a CSV file to create product labels.

Change Prices
This allows you to apply a bulk price changes by a $ or % amount.

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