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Add Ons - Credit Card Integration

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What it Does

Kounta Credit Card Integration allows for compatible payment terminals to be integrated with Kounta.

Enabling Credit Card Integration

  1. Tap Sites

  2. Select a Site

  3. Tap on Add-Ons

  4. Choose Credit Card Integration

  5. Tap Enable

Once enabled, the option to Pair an Integrated CC Device will appear under Add-ons on the POS.

Compatible Payment Terminals

  • Vantiv - Dejavoo V8 
  • Vantiv - Dejavoo Z6
  • Vantiv - Dejavoo Z9
  • Vantiv - Dejavoo Z11

If you are using a Tyro Payment Terminal Click Here.

If you are using a Commbank Albert Click Here.

If you are using a Non-Integrated Payment Terminal Click Here for setup steps to use it with Kounta.

Pairing a Compatible Payment Terminal with Kounta

  1. Connect the Compatible Payment Terminal to Router via an ethernet cable and Power the terminal on so it is ready to pair with Kounta.

  2. Login to Kounta and go to the POS

  3. Tap on Menu

  4. Select Add-ons


  5. Select Integrated CC Device

  6. Confirm your Contact Information

  7. A prompt will appear to Input POS Terminal Serial Number. Enter the serial number from your Compatible Payment Terminal. The Serial number can normally be found on the rear of the device under S/N.

  8. Confirm the payment terminal shows the amount. Once confirmed cancel the payment amount on your payment terminal. 

Your compatible payment terminal is now paired and ready to process payments from Kounta!

Processing a sale using Integrated Credit Card

  1. Create a sale and add Products

  2. Select Check Out

  3. Select Credit Card

  4. The amount tendered will be sent to the payment terminal to process payment.


To learn how to adjust the amount tendered or Spilt a Payment Click Here.

 Reprint an Integrated CC Merchant Receipt

  1. Tap on Menu

  2. Select Add-ons


  3. Select Integrated CC Device


To Learn How to Manually Take a Credit Card payment on a Dejavoo Device click here.

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