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Partners - How to Share Kounta

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We love it when people share Kounta with their friends, family, customers, random strangers so we've made sure it's super easy to do so!

Your Unique Share Code

Each user is provided their own unique share code that can be pasted into everything from website images and links to facebook and emails. Any user that clicks the link and creates an account will be linked to you automatically.

How to Share

You can share easily from within Kounta following these steps

  1. Login to Kounta

  2. Select Share Kounta from the left menu

  3. You'll land on the Share Kounta page where you can see all your sharing tools.

  4. You can now:
    - Copy and Paste the link into an email, web page or post
    - Enter one or more email addresses and send a beautifully presented email full of useful information about Kounta
    - Share a post on facebook
    - Share a post on twitter

  5. You can track the who you've emailed and see wether they've accepted the invitation by clicking on the Referrals link

  6. Ensure you've added your PayPal payout details from the Payouts page so you can received your referral bonus when users you're referred become paying customers!


How else can I share Kounta?

If you want to give out the Rolls Royce experience you can created a Company for your clients first, set it up so it's looking slick, then invite them and transfer billing rights.

  1. Login to Kounta

  2. Tap on Switch Company in the left menu 

  3. Tap Create New Company

  4. Moving forward you'll have admin access to this new company and can move between companies using the Switch Company menu

  5. Now you can start configuring the new company as much (or as little) as you feel necessary

  6. Next follow the guide here to Invite a new User

  7. Then the steps here to Update Permissions and make them an Admin user

  8. Finally, once they're ready to take billing ownership, follow the steps to Transfer Ownership

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