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PowaPOS - iPad

Michael -

Kounta have partnered with PowaPOS to provide an all in one Kounta hardware solution. The PowaPOS T-Series is a small all in one hardware solution that includes:

  • Thermal printer with standard 3 inch/80mm paper roll.
  • Hands-free and bi-directional 2D QR/Barcode scanner.
  • iPad stand with lightening connector for both charging and connection to the printer.
  • Ability to connect most standard 24v Cash Drawers.
  • One single power cord for to power all components.

Setup is as simple as pulling it of of the box and plugging it into an iPad.

Preparing the PowaPOS

  1. Plug in the Lightning to USB cable (provided) into the neck of the PowaPOS.

  2. Plug the Lightning cable end into the iPad.

  3. Load the receipt roll (provided) into the Printer.

  4. Plug in the Power cable and the PowaPOS will power up.

  5. Plug in the Cash Drawer if you are connecting one.

Connecting the PowaPOS and Kounta

The PowaPOS can be setup as the default receipt printer and cash drawer for a Register, this means that only that iPad can print from the PowaPOS. If you have other Printers setup on the Site under Printers, the iPad connected to the PowaPOS can still print to these but other devices on the network will not be able to print to the PowaPOS.

Follow the steps below to setup the PowaPOS as the default receipt printer and cash drawer for the connected Register.

  1. Login into Kounta and tap Sites or mySite

  2. Select a Site (mySite, go to step 3)

  3. Tap on Registers

  4. Select the Register assigned to the connected iPad

  5. Scroll down to Printer Settings and Select PowaPOS as the Printer Type

  6. Tap Save

When you go to the POS  you should now be able to test if the printer is working by performing a Subtotal as detailed below. 

You can also test the Cash Drawer by toggling the Cash Drawer option above Subtotal.

Pairing the Bluetooth Barcode Scanner

Follow the steps below to setup the PowaPOS bluetooth barcode Scanner to scan Products on the POS. 

  1. Coming soon.


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