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Import a Demo Product List

Michael -

Kounta provides a simple Import Tool to upload a Demo Product List. You can always go back and edit or delete your products at any time.

Learn more about Importing your Products.

The Import Tool can only be used if you are accessing Back Office via a PC or Mac.  

Importing a Demo Product List

  1. From Back Office select Products.

  2. Then tap on the Import Products cloud icon.

  3. Select the Demo Product List that best suites.

  4. A CSV file will download containing the Demo Product List.

  5. Drag and drop the CSV file or select the file to upload the demo product list. 

  6. Press Import Products to import the CSV file.

Once you have imported the Demo Product list you can arrange your Product Tiles on the POS and adjust prices to suit your menu.

Arrange the Product Tiles on the POS using the guide linked here

Adjust product prices and settings using the guide linked here


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