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How to breakdown category reports by service time

Dan P -

This guide allows for the same product to be reported in separate service periods through the day and is represented in the sales by report in Kounta.

This is useful for venues selling the same product for several service periods and are looking to compare these periods.

To implement reporting by service type please follow the guide below:

Note: this will involve duplicating some of your products and having separate categories for separate service periods.


Step 1. Creating products for each service period:

You'll need to add a separate product for any products you sell in separate service periods.

We'll use the example of a steak you sell at both lunch and dinner.

If you already have products in Kounta you can add a period preface letter to the beginning of the product name then add additional product for other service periods with differing preface letters.

This is because Kounta needs differing product names to create multiple products.

For example:

Your Steak would need a letter before it as below, then a second product would need to  be created with a differing letter.

L Steak

D Steak

The L refers to Lunch and D to dinner in this example.


Step 2, creating categories for your new products.

Now you can add your lunch and dinner products to separate categories.

Create categories for your service periods and add the relevant product to the relevant category.

So create:

Lunch Meals

Dinner Meals

And add:

L Steak to Lunch meals

D Steak to Dinner meals


You'll now (after selling) be able to see a breakdown of the products your selling in differing periods using the sales by report filtering by category.


You can further enhance this reporting using tagged reporting linked here

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