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How to enable and disable Automatic Receipt Printing

Raymond -

Automatic Receipt Printing allows you to choose whether to automatically print receipts at the end of each sale, have the user prompted about whether they need to print receipts, or not print receipts at all (user would have to manually print receipts when needed).

To locate these settings please perform the following steps:

  • Log in to Back Office

  • Select MySite on the left hand menu and choose the approprate site (in this example below we only have one site so it goes straight into Site Settings)

  • Go to Devices

  • Select the Register you wish to configure

  • Scroll down to Register Options

  • Select the option that applies for this register (in this case I am enabling Automatic Printing)



Once the above process has been done, log in to the POS system and perform a Sync.
This will need to be performed for each register that had the settings changed.

  • Go to POS mode

  • Select Menu in the top left corner

  • Press Sync



Your receipt printing preferences should now be reflected in your operation of Kounta.

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