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Printing customer receipts


You can quickly print or reprint receipts from current and previous sales of yesterday, last week, months ago, and even years ago!


If you would like to save thermal paper and the planet, you can go paper-free and send receipts via email instead


This guide covers how to print receipts from the Point of Sale and from the Back Office



What's in this guide?

Before you begin

Print subtotal for the Current Sale
Set up automatic/prompted receipt printing
Print receipt for the Previous Sale
Download a receipt as PDF

Frequently Asked Questions


Before you begin


Make sure you've connected your printer before doing any of the following settings.


Print subtotal for the Current Sale


Similar to a receipt, the subtotal shows the total of the order.

1. From the Point of Sale, select the cog button on the lower right corner

2. Select Subtotal



Set up automatic/prompted receipt printing


1. From the Back Office, select Sites
(if you have more than one site, you will be prompted to select which one)

2. Select Devices

3. Under Registers, select which register you’d like to configure


4. Under Register Information, Scroll down to Customer Receipt Printing.

You will have the following options:

Don’t print or prompt to print receipts - receipts will not print, but can always be reprinted
Print receipts automatically - after the order is paid, the receipt will print
Prompt to print or email receipts - after the order is paid, a notification will appear of whether to print or email the receipt



5. Select Save

6. Next, go to POS.

7. Under Printing make sure that the printer is toggled for receipt printing.



8. Select Save and Close


Print receipt for the Previous Sale


1. On the Point of Sale, select History from the upper right corner


2. Search for the sale using a time range, the receipt number, or a product name included in the sale. Then, select Filter


3. Select the sale from the list of results

4. Next, select the cog icon on the lower right side

5. Select Reprint from the menu



Download a receipt as PDF


You can also download a printable PDF of the receipt from the Back Office. This is great for those long ago orders and you’d rather search for your order from the comfort of your own computer or, if you need to email it to a customer.


1. From the Back Office, under Reports, select Sales Feed

2. Select the Sales filter to search by register, customer, site, and payment

Pro Tip - We’ve made it much easier to search for specific orders - dont scroll through months and months of individual orders - the data range maxes out at 30 days - any 30 days since the beginning of time itself.


3. Select Filter

4. Select the magnifying glass icon beside the receipt you want to print


5. Select Preview PDF to access the PDF

Pro Tip - You can email these invoices as a PDF direct to a customer easily from Lightspeed in the same page - just select Email Tax Invoice.



Frequently Asked Questions 

How do I send the receipts as an email?

Whether you’re going paperless or lessening paper printing by emailing receipts, we have just the thing. You can send your current or previous receipts as emails from the POS and from the Back Office.

What details show up on my receipt?

You would need to enter your business details on the Back Office. Once this is done, you can choose what details to include in your receipt (e.g. address, business number, phone, email, website).


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