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Creating and Assigning Option Sets

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What it Does

Option Sets allow you to build workflows using multiple sets of products or modifiers so you can setup complex combo selling and contextual pricing.

Getting Started with Option Sets


In this example, the Product with Option sets assigned is Burger Combo

- Burgers Option Set

In the example below the burgers are set up as Products in an Option Set. You can also attach Option Sets to each burger Product to further customize it within this combo. This is covered in our Going further with Option Sets Guide

- Chips Variant with Option Sets

In the example below we have sizes of chips set up as VariantsThe Variant Products then have an Option Set for sauce options with the chips. These would be created as Modifiers in an Option Set. Option sets can only be applied to the Variant Products and not the Variant Template.

- Drinks Option Sets with Instructions

The example below demonstrates the different types of Drink Options with Instructions applied. The Drink options are Products in an Option Set with an Option set containing modifiers associated. These might be with Ice, no ice or extra ice options.


Option Sets allow you to create a workflow and organise options. In the meal example below, the Burger, Chips and Drinks are all individual products that can be distributed appropriately to production printers and reported as their own items and can have their own option sets if desired.

In the example below, you will see how a Combo can be setup and priced at $10 but then can also have options priced to add to the price of the combo when selected.



Enabling Option Sets

  1. Click the Kounta Menu (three vertical lines, top left corner)


  2. Tap Sites or mySite

  3. Select a Site (mySite, go to step 3)

  4. Tap on Add-Ons

  5. Select Option Sets

  6. Tap on the + Symbol

  7. Tap Enable


Creating Option Sets

  1. Navigate to Back office

  2. Products

3. Select the Option Sets tab 


4. there you can see or select the Items that already have options sets make changes if needed.




5. The next tab "option sets" is where you can create a new option set that you can assign to a product.


Assigning Option Set.

For you to create the option set, you would need to create it as a new product and add it as an option set. please check the pictures below.


"Category leave it blank" "Price is optional but you need to place an amount like zero "0" if it doesn't have additional charge" or "extra cheese 1$". place the amount.

Create New Product


Now go the option set and assign the option for the product. Let's say on this one Pizza. we will create a new option set for a Pizza.

Name the Option set based on your menu.



Under option add the product that can be added to the pizza, please check the picture below for references.


You can arrange the order in which Option Sets appear by dragging the option set's arrow icons.



Under Rules, this is optional to where you can set a MINIMUM SELECTION and MAXIMUM SELECTION of the products listed under your option sets. and also, you can add the option of "SHOW OPTION PREFIXES (NO, EXTRA, SIDE, ONLY)"

When done settings this up, go to your POS and it should show something like the menu below.


When you press DOLCI it should give you the options set for this item.




See below for another example. 





 Going further with Option Sets

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