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Creating and Selling with Option Sets

Easily organise product-related options on your menu! Option Sets are simply a group of either products or modifiers.

You can link as many Option Sets as needed to a product to guide your staff through a selling workflow or, hide them on the POS for the less-common modifications.


Often used for:

  • Important Questions - Prompting staff to ask important questions - such as how is that steak cooked or, would you prefer chips/salad or vegetables/mash?
  • Upselling - Prompting staff to ask that all-important upsell question that you are pushing this month.
  • Combo Meals - Creating a combo meal or a banquet dinner with different options for each course, side or drink. We understand this setup is a bit tricky - which is why we made a guide for it
  • Add or Remove Ingredients - add, remove or, swap ingredients from each menu item easily with sets of Modifiers. Set the adjustment price once for any surcharge for additional ingredients
  • Grouping Modifiers - Modifiers are on-screen items that indicate modifications to products. In this separate guide, we talk about how these modifiers can be grouped together using option sets.

Option Sets can seem tricky at times - because they can allow for super easy order prompts, more complex workflows, and everything in between! 


What’s in this guide?

Enable the Option Sets add-on
Set Up an option set
Reorder / Rearrange options and option sets
Add options to an order
Remove options from an order
Frequently Asked Questions


Enable the Option Sets add-on 

1. From the Add-ons Page in  Back Office, find the Option Sets add-on 


2. Enable this Add-on by clicking on the orange Enable Option Sets button




Set Up an Option Set

1. From the Products page in the Back Office, select the Option Sets tab (see image below)

2. Select Create Option Set


3. Give your option set a name. In this example, we're going with "Pizza Toppings”

Pro Tip - Putting a number before the name of the option set is a good way to establish a specific sequence for multiple option sets assigned to one product  (e.g. 1 Pizza Crust, 2 Pizza Sauce, 3 Pizza Toppings.) 


4. Select Create

5. Add your ‘options’ - these can either be Modifiers or Products or both - but if you think your workflow is that complex - maybe give us a call first.

Pro Tip - Putting a number before the name is also a good way to establish a sequence for options (e.g. 1 Cheese, 2 Oregano, 3 Pepperoni.)


  • (Price)$: Each option can have a unique price which will only apply when it is in this Option Set! This won’t affect its normal price.
  • Tax: Select applicable tax

6. Hit the plus icon on the right to add this Option to your Option Set.

Once Options are successfully added to the Option Set, this is what you will see:


7. For more settings, select the Rules tab (see image below)

8. You will be redirected to the Rules page. Fill in the following fields:


  • Minimum Selection: Your staff will be required to select a minimum number of options - Perfect for mandatory questions.
  • Maximum Selection: This will give a limit to how many options your staff can select for this Option Set
  • Show Option Prefixes (No, Extra, Side, Only): Set to Yes if you want these additional instructions to show along with the Options you set. This is extra useful in relaying instructions to the kitchen about an order. (see image below)



The changes will auto-save


Now that we’ve made our Option Sets, we can link these to our products or Modifiers


9. Select the Link to Products tab at the top of the Option Sets page. (see image below)

10. Use the search bar to search for the products you are going to be linking your Option Set to - this will recognise either the product name, any product tags or, the category.

You will then see the following fields beside the product:

  • Linked Option Sets: Input the name of the Option Set here. (e.g. 3 Pizza Toppings).
  • Auto-Prompt on POS: This can be set to Yes so that it shows up automatically on the POS or, you can set it to No if it is optional - perfect for modifying ingredients, but not on every order.
Pro Tip - Non-prompted Option Sets (those not set to Auto-Prompt on POS) can be found on the edit screen of each product. This edit screen can be accessed by selecting the product from the order summary (left-most panel) on POS.


Note - You can link or remove multiple option sets to multiple products by using Bulk Options (see image above)


Reorder / Rearrange Options and Option Sets

You can link multiple Option Sets to a product - then, you can re-order these Option Sets to be in the best order. You can also arrange the options in each set.


Reorder Option Sets

If you did not put a number before the name of your Option Set (e.g. 1 Pizza Base, 2 Pizza Sauce), this is how you establish a preferred sequence.

1. From the Option Set page in the Back Office, select the product name where the Option Set is linked.

2. This will show the Option Sets under the product. Simply drag and drop them into the desired order



Reorder Options under Option Sets

If you did not put a number before the name of your Options (e.g. 1 Cheese, 2 Oregano), this is how you establish a preferred sequence.

1. From the Option Set page in the Back Office, select the product name where the Option Set is linked

2. Select Create

3. Select the Option Set that has the Options you want to reorder

4. This will show the Options under that Option Set. Simply drag and drop them into the desired order



Add Options to an order

1. From the POS, place your order as normal

2. Immediately, it will show your set of options (if the auto-prompt is enabled in Setup). As you select more options, it will update on the order summary:


Note - the elegant & power-saving dark mode is now available on POS. Check out this guide on how you can activate it.

3. Select Save

4. You’ll be redirected to the home screen and the order will look like this



Remove Options from an order 

You can remove options that you’ve attached to a product while taking the order. Here’s how:


1. At Point-of-Sale, select the product initials or image from the order list 

2. It will take you to the editing page

3. Select Options


4. You will be taken to the Options page, select the X beside the Modifiers to remove them

6. Select Save when you’re done



Frequently Asked Questions


Option Sets and Modifiers - are they the same thing?

Option Sets and Modifiers are separate features on Lightspeed. However, Option Sets can be used to group together menu Modifiers.


Option Sets and Variants - are they the same thing?

Option Sets and Variants both appear after the product is selected at the Lightspeed POS.

However, variants are products in and of themselves. Meanwhile, Option Sets can be alterations to a product or additional products.


How do I reorder Option Sets on the POS

You can reorder Option Sets or the Options they hold. Unlike Variants and Modifiers though, this is done in the Back Office.


Can I add my Option Sets in bulk?

At the moment, Option Sets can only be added one at a time.


I am not seeing the Option Sets Tab - How do I enable it?

1. If you haven’t already enabled Option Sets, go to the Option Sets addon page

2. Select Enable Option Sets


What's my next step?

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