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About Registers
In Kounta, a Register is a profile that can be assigned to any compatible device. Once you have loaded a register onto a device, the register is considered 'assigned' 

Configuring Register Options
To access your register settings:

Login into Back OfficemySite > Devices > Registers


Select your Register



Register Information Tab

Register Details


Terminal Name: This is the name used to identify the register, example: Front Bar.

Site: This is the Site the register will be associated with.

Sales Prefix: All Sales recorded through this register will be appended with this prefix. Example SP-1, SP-2 growing incrementally for each sale. 

Return Prefix: All Returns recorded through this register will be appended with this prefix. Example RP-1, RP-2 growing incrementally for each return. 

Register Status: This will indicate if the Register profile is assigned to a device or not.

If you wish to link this register profile to a different device, you would first select the 'Recycle Device' button to release this register profile.

If the register is not assigned to a device, you will be shown the option to 'Delete Register'. This will remove the Register profile completely from your site.

Register Options

On Screen Keyboard: Here you can activate the Kounta keyboard if you are using a device which does not have its own on-screen keyboard (Touch Screen PC).

Show Fast Cash Button: You also have the option to Enable/Disable the Fast Cash button on the POS. The Fast Cash button is used to indicate the sale as Cash and does not show calculate change.

Show Fast Cash                                       

Hide Fast Cash

Signature, Tipping and Merchant Copy: You have the option to choose where merchant receipts will print from and where customers can tip and sign from.

Tip & Sign on Kounta Screen
Merchant Receipts are not printed and customers can Tip & Sign on the Kounta Screen upon finalising a transaction.

Tip & Sign on Payment Device (Printed or On Device Screen)
Merchant Receipts are printed from the Payment Device (Tyro or Integrated Credit Card terminals). Customers can Tip & Sign on the merchant copy of the receipt.

Tip & Sign on Kounta Receipt
Merchant Receipts are printed from an Integrated Printer (Epson, Star and PowaPOS). Customers can Tip & Sign on the merchant copy of the receipt.

Don't do anything
Merchant Receipts are not printed. No Tip & Sign screen is presented.  

Register Workflow

These settings allow you to customise what your staff are shown on the POS. You are able to set a custom page for the start of a new sale as well as the conclusion of a sale. As an example you can set the register to return to the Tables page at the end of each sale. This will vary depending on your sales process. 


From the top of this page there is also a Printers tab


This page allows you to configure the printer settings specific to this register only 

Print Method: This will dictate how the register processes its printing tasks. This method should match all other registers as well as your production printing method. Each site will only ever operate on 1 printing method.

Receipt Printer: You can select from a drop-down list all available printers configured for your site. The selected printer will be used whenever a receipt is printed. 

Cash Drawer: If you require this register to kick a cash draw as part of transactions, select a printer from the drop down list which has a cash draw attached.

Production Printer Settings: This will show if your plan includes register level production printing and you have the add-on enabled. Learn more here


Example Use Case:

"Pete has a cafe and wants to have one register setup near his coffee machine where he will process most of the orders and will have his cash drawer.

Pete also has a few tables and wants to use an iPad Mini so his waiter's are more efficient providing table service.

He logs into Kounta on his main iPad and creates a new register called Main POS, he then clicks Go To POS - since he hasn't used Kounta on this iPad before it will ask him to select a 'register' to use. From the dropdown he will select Main POS - from now on Kounta will know that Pete's iPad is the Main POS

The next thing Pete does is log into Kounta on his iPad Mini, he again creates a new register, but this one he calls Floor POS - again he clicks Go To POS but this time he will only see Floor POS since Main POS has already been assigned to his iPad."


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