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Tipping, Signing and Merchant receipt printing with Integrated EFTPOS


With an Integrated EFTPOS terminal, you may at times wonder where your customers need to sign for their credit card purchases, where they can enter a tip or, where the EFTPOS receipt will print. These settings will answer those questions.


Still investigating your EFTPOS solution?  If you are still investigating which EFTPOS Integration is best suited for your business, you can look at the Lightspeed Payments page or Talk to a Payments Expert.


What's in this guide?


Before you begin

Tipping, Signing and Merchant receipt printing with Integrated EFTPOS 

Frequently Asked Questions 


Before you begin


Before you change these settings, you will want to make sure that you have your EFTPOS integration set up. You can find these guides below;



Tipping, Signing and Merchant receipt printing with Integrated EFTPOS 


You can find these settings under the settings for each register profile on the Registers page of the back office.


Our guide on Register Settings also covers off these settings and the other possible advanced settings available.


Signature, Tipping and Merchant Copy


Tip & Sign on Lightspeed Screen - Signatures and Tipping will prompt on the Lightspeed Screen and then print to your Kounta connected receipt printer

Tip & Sign on Payment Device - Your Signatures and Tipping is handled by your EFTPOS device

Tip & Sign on LightspeedReceipt - Your Signatures and Tipping is printed on yourLightspeed connected receipt printer 

Don't do anything - No merchant copy is printed




Show Tip And Total Line

As the description implies, this will show a tip and total line on your subtotal receipts - for more information on Tipping with Lightspeed POS you should check out the guide for our Tipping add-on


Show Signature Line

Want your customers to sign their approval on the subtotal receipts? Then toggle this switch to Yes.




Pro Tip -If you are changing any register settings, don't forget to update you POS with a quick Sync.



What does Tipping & Signing look like on the POS?

 Check it out >




Frequently Asked Questions 


Which EFTPOS terminals will this work for?

Being able to change these settings is relevant for all of our Integrated EFTPOS terminals linked to Lightspeed POS.


Read - Can you afford to accept only cash in the near future?


Where do the signed credit slips get saved?

These will be stored with your Payment Processor directly - no more need to save these receipts on site. 


What's my next step?


Finalising your takings with Integrated EFTPOS in the mix is now super easy - our walkthrough on finalising your end of day takings will show you the steps.


Have you started looking at getting the rest of your hardware connected with your POS? If not, you should look at what hardware you can use with Lightspeed


Stuck on how to complete a refund on POS? We have a guide for that > Refund a sale on Lightspeed POS



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