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Emailing customer receipts


If you think about it, emailing receipts has serious perks. You get to save the planet, save money on thermal paper (which isn’t getting any cheaper), and have the chance to create an email database - great for starting a loyalty program.


Having a dedicated printer for receipts can be costly considering that more and more customers in this day and age don’t want or ask for a printed receipt.


So whether you choose to go totally paper-free or just want to give your customers the option to ask for email receipts, you can customise accordingly.


This guide covers how to email all receipts automatically, email receipts from previous sales, or prompt your staff to choose between printing/emailing.




What's in this guide?


Automatically email receipts

Prompt to either print or email

Send email from previous sales

Frequently Asked Questions 


Automatically email receipts


You can set up your Point-of-Sale to send an email once the order is closed (i.e. the order is paid). In this setting, an email is sent automatically instead of printing a receipt.

For there to be an email to send to, the customer must be linked to the order - this can be added to the POS while the staff takes the order, by selecting Add Customer.


Before this can be done in the POS, here is how to set it up:


1. From the Back Office, select Sites (If you have multiple sites, you will be prompted to choose one.

2. Under Site Information, scroll down and select Receipt options

3. Scroll down to Send receipts to customers via email and select Send email receipts automatically 


Prompt to either print or email


Give your customers the choice of a printed or emailed receipt. With this setting, after the order is paid, the staff will be prompted to either print or email the receipt.


If they select to email the receipt, they will be asked to enter the email  (if the customer is not added to Lightspeed.) If the customer is linked to the order, the email will be auto-filled but can still be edited.


1. From the Back Office, select Sites 
(If you have multiple sites, you will be prompted to choose one.)

2. Select Devices


3. Under Registers, select the register you want to configure

4. Under Register Information, scroll down to Customer Receipt Printing
From the menu, select Prompt to print or email receipts


5. Select Save


Send email from previous sales


This can be done quickly from either the Back Office or POS.


From the Point of Sale

1. Select History on the upper right side of the POS

2. Search for the sale using a time range, the receipt number, or a product name included in the sale. Then, select Filter


3. Select the sale from the list of results

4. Next, select the cog icon on the lower right side

5. Select Reprint from the menu


6. Enter the email address in the dialogue box and select Email Receipt



From the Back Office 

1. From the Back Office, under Reports, select Sales Feed

2. Select Sales Filter to search by register, customer, site, and payment


3. Once you find the sale, select the magnifying glass icon beside it



4. Next, select Email Tax Invoice



5. Enter the recipient details then select Email Invoice


Frequently Asked Questions


How are email receipts different from printed receipts?

The format is slightly different. The receipt looks like a standard receipt while the emailed receipt is a PDF.


What details show up on my receipt?

The details you've entered under Site Information in the Lightspeed Back Office, such as your business's name, address, phone & email as well as an itemised receipt.  

What's my next step?

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