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Setting up Automatic Promotions

Say goodbye to customers missing out on your specials and having to calculate discounts on the fly, make sure every customer is offered an upsell and automatically apply available Discounts. 

Make sure to schedule the promotion and enjoy setting and forgetting. In under a minute you can have a promotion available at specific times, on certain products and even control over which customers the promotion is available to.



What's in this guide? 

Enable the Automatic Promotions feature 
Create a Promo
Set the Promo Rules
Schedule a Promo
View Promotions Report
Frequently asked questions


Enable the Automatic Promotions feature


1. From Features in Lightspeed Back Office, find the Automatic Promotions add-on

2. Enable this Feature by selecting Enable Automatic Promotions



Create a Promo


1. Select My Site Promos > All Promos from the Lightspeed Back Office.

2. Under All Promos, select Create new promo All_Promos.png

3. On the Promo details page enter the following fields

a. Name the Promotion


b. Choose what kind of Promotion is offered

c. Choose how the discount is applied


d. Choose which products are eligible


Set the Promo Rules

 1. Choose if there a minimum is needed to start the Promo


2. If so, choose which products

3. Choose who can take advantage of the Promo


4. Choose which Order Types 


5. Hit Save to confirm.


Schedule the promo

You must schedule the promotion to have it apply to the order. 

1. Under Sites from the Lightspeed Back Office, select Promos

2. Under Scheduled, select Add promo schedule


a. Select a promo to activate



b. Set the day when it will be activeSet_promo_day.png

c. Set time when it will be active. 


3. Select Add promo schedule to confirm.



View Promotions Report

Using Lightspeed Insights

Easily view how your promotions (along with surcharges, discounts, and custom price changes) all add up. The Adjustment dashboard allows you to quickly decipher how well your promos perform by exposing any hidden trends through interactive data visualisation. Check out our guide on how to keep track of price adjustments and promos for a closer look at this dashboard.



From Back Office

You can view the basic details on promotions that have been applied to transactions from the Adjustments report. 

1. Under Reports in the Back Office select Reconciliation

2. Select Adjustments
You can use the filter to sort results by date & time, register, site, and staff.


Type - This field indicates whether it is an automatic promotion or a price adjustment because they appear in the same report
Line Total - This was the original price
Total Adjustment % - reflects the price change of the promo
Total Adjustment Amount - how much was deducted from the original price


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use Automatic Promotions with my Online Ordering services?

No. Automatic Promotions are only triggered on your POS device. Most ordering partners have a separate system on their side for managing promotions, please discuss with your ordering partner.

Can I use Automatic Promotions for a Happy Hour?

Automatic Promotions can be used for a Happy Hour style promotion if there is a consistent discount.

The Price Lists Add-on is used as an alternative to Automatic Promotions IF the discount is NOT A FIXED percentage or amount.




Can I activate multiple promos at a time?

For this, you simply need to schedule the activation of your promos. These can overlap with each other and you can have more than one promo running at a time.


If I have more than one promo running at the same time, which one would trigger?

The promotion that gives the customer the best discount will take precedent. If you have promos that overlap, you will see a banner on the Promo Scheduling page to let you know you have overlapping promos.



What's the best way to set up BOGOF for a group of products?

The following settings allow you to achieve a Buy 1 Get 1 Free offer for a category/group of products. Please note that the free item will always be the one chosen after the Minimum purchase required quantity has been reached, so the sequence you enter in the products matters. 




What else can I do to control price changes in my venue?


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