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Setting up Register-specific Production Printing (Advanced Printing)

Advanced Printing allows you to get creative with granular printer settings that can suit any workflow and service style. Basic production printing enables you to assign printing rules (e.g. assigning products to printers or creating duplicates/split dockets) for your entire site.

More complex workflows however, may need the added flexibility to assign separate printing rules for each register - this is exactly what register specific production printing is for.


Let’s say that your site has two points where people can order - from the waitstaff and directly from the bartender. Both would have access to the POS. The waitstaff would need order dockets to print from their register. The bartender, on the other hand, may not need order dockets anymore since he makes the drinks right then and there.

Register specific production printing is also needed for connecting and configuring two or more Bluetooth printers. Bluetooth printers must be configured per register because one Bluetooth printer can only connect to one register.

What's in this guide?

Before you begin

Enable register-specific production printing

Create register-specific rules

Frequently Asked Questions


Before you begin

Naturally, before we set up production printing, you will need to have setup your printers or setup your Bump Screen. Bump Screens are the digitized version of kitchen printing. When you enable the Bump Screen addon it will create a printer profile for you to set up with production printing - just like you would with your physical printer.

This setup will walk you through how to set up complex production printing workflows for specific registers. If the majority of your registers are using the same production printing settings then you should set this up as normal with our basic production printing workflows.


Enable register-specific production printing

The first step is to enable the Production Printing add-on.


1. From the Add-ons Page in  back office, find the Advanced Printing Add-on


2. Enable this Add-on by clicking on the orange Enable Production Printing button


Create register-specific rules


1. From the Back Office, select My Site
(If you have more than one site, you will be prompted to choose which one)

2. Select Printers


3. Scroll down to Register Printing Settings

4. Select the register you would like to configure

5. Under the Production Printer Settings section, fill in or check these fields:

Printing Method - This is the chosen printing method of your site based on the devices that you have. Register-specific production printing does not change this.

Receipt printer and Cash Drawer - If you've already set this up, register-specific production printing does not change this.

Printing Configuration: This should be set to Just this Register

Production Printing Method: This should match the printing method for the rest of the site.

Intelligent Printer IP Address: This field only appears if you select Intelligent Print Server in the previous field. Enter the configured IP address of your Intelligent Printer 

Production Printing: Choose between All Items to All Printers or Printer/Item Specific

Note - In the below screenshot, Lightspeed App Printing Method is just an example - you need to keep the printing method that's fit for your whole site.


6. After this has been settled, you can configure the rest of your production printing settings (assigned products, duplicate/split dockets) as per normal for EACH register.


Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need to pay for the register-specific production printing add-on?

Add-ons are included with different Lightspeed Plans - so check if this one is already included with yours.

If you need a plan upgrade, it's a fine day for a power-up! Talk to us.


Do I need an Intelligent Printer for this setup?

No - this setup works for both the Intelligent Printing System and Lightspeed App Printing system. But if you are using Intelligent Printing, you’d need to enter your configured intelligent printer IP address.


What's my next step?


Now that you have enabled advanced printing, you should double check you have connected your integrated payment & EFTPOS device


Hardware connected? Check. Menu loaded? Check. You are probably getting close to trading - have you added your staff yet? When your staff have user profiles, you can track who is the best performing in sales, manage their POS permission or, have them clock-in and clock-out with our time & attendance add-on.


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