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Setting up Price Adjustments


Empower your staff by easily setting up predefined price adjustments that they can choose when making a sale. 

There are various ways to set up discounts, surcharges, and promotions on Lightspeed. 

For automatic discounts/promotions like buy one, get one free or happy hour pricing, check out our guide on Automatic Promotions.

For price adjustments like a credit card surcharge, Holiday/Weekend surcharge, VIP discounts, Senior Citizen discounts - Read on...

This guide covers how to set up predefined price adjustments and view the price adjustments report.



What's in this guide?

Enable the Adjustments Feature
Set up Adjustments
Set up prompt based on Payment Type
Apply Adjustments
See Adjustments Report
Frequently Asked Questions


Enable the Adjustments feature

The first step is to enable the Adjustment feature.

1. From the Features Page in Lightspeed back office, find the Adjustments feature
Note: Use the search function to find the feature you're looking for



2.  Enable this Feature by selecting the blue Enable button



Set up Adjustments

1. From Company settings in the back office, select Adjustments

2. Select Add a New Adjustment



3. You will see this dialogue box. Fill in the following details:

  • Adjustment Reason - This is the name that the staff will see on the Point of Sale.
  • Adjustment ($/%) This is where you put the amount of the discount or surcharge, which can be expressed in dollar or percent. To make a value into a discount, use the (-) sign. To make it into a surcharge, use the (+) sign.
  • Requires Discount Permission - Tick this box if you want to restrict the permission to staff who have this POS permission.


4. Select Add Adjustment


Set up prompt based on Payment Type

If you need to prompt your staff to select a price adjustment for particular payment types (such as in the case of credit card surcharges), here’s how: 

1. From Company settings in the back office, select Payment Types

2. You will see your list of payment types. Tick the Prompt for Adjustment for the payment types you need the prompt for. This makes the price adjustment prompt on the Point of Sale once the corresponding payment type is selected.


 3. Select Save All


Apply Adjustments


You can apply price adjustments to specific products or to the entire order.


Specific Products

1. On the Point of Sale, select the items you want to add to the order as per normal

2. To apply a price adjustment to specific products only, select the item to which you will apply the adjustment

3. Select Add Adjustment then select which price adjustment you need

4. Select Apply Changes



5. On the Order Summary, the discount will be indicated right under the product



6. If you will adjust the price of the entire order, go back to Step 2, and instead of selecting a specific product, select the order total. Go through Step 3 to 6 the same way.

Once the price adjustment is applied to the whole order, it will appear above the order total.



Whole order

1. To apply a price adjustment to the whole order, simply select Check Out when the order is to be paid.

2. Select the payment type. If you have set up the price adjustment to prompt for certain payment types, you will be prompted if you would like to select from the linked price adjustments.

3. Select which one and you’re done!



See Adjustments Report

Using Lightspeed Insights

Easily view how your set up price adjustments (along with automatic promotions and custom price changes) all add up. The Adjustment dashboard allows you to see how much went into discounts and how much is coming in from surcharges. You will also see who applied the price adjustments, with which products they were applied to, and the time & date they were applied - all in one comprehensive report. Check out our guide on how to keep track of price adjustments and promos for a closer look at this dashboard.



From Back Office

There are two tabular reports on Back Office that you can use to review the basic details of your price adjustments: 

Adjustments Report

This table shows how many times price adjustments are used, what products they are used with, and the total adjustment amount.


1. From Reports in Back Office, select Reconciliation
2. Select Adjustments


Audit by Discount

This shows you the discount amount given by each employee.


1. From Reports in back office, select Audit
2. Select the drop-down menu on the upper right of the screen
3. Select Discount then select Filter



Frequently Asked Questions

How do I set up automatic discounts and surcharges?

Schedule your promos to activate automatically. In under a minute you can set up promos like Buy-1-Get-1 free, Happy Hour rates, and more. Check out our guide on Automatic Promotions.


Can I limit the access to price adjustments to certain staff members only?

You have full control over who can apply price adjustments. First, set up the adjustment to require permission. Then, you simply need to configure staff permission to choose which staff members will be able to give discounts.


Can I edit a price adjustment after the order is checked out?

After an order is checked out, it is no longer editable. Every now and then, mistakes happen. You’ll just need to first refund the sale then process the order correctly. This will make sure that everything checks out when you reconcile your end of day takings.


Can I enable my staff to create one-off discounts?

Yes, you can. From the POS, staff who have the permission to Apply Discounts can create a custom discount:

1. From the POS, select the cog beside Check Out

2. Select Discount and then enter the amount (e.g. -5%)



What else can I do to control price adjustments in my venue?


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