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Changing the Alternate Server on the Kounta App

Michael -

Note: The Alternate server field should only be changed when directed to by the Kounta Support team. This Guide would only need to be utilised when accessing prerelease versions of Kounta for testing and feedback purposes. 

iPad and iPhone

  1. Quit the Kounta App by double tapping the home button and swiping up on the Kounta App so it no longer shows as a running App in the background.

  2. Open the Settings App on the iPhone or iPad.

  3. Scroll down to the Kounta POS settings tab.

  4. Change the Alternate Server to or alternate server address as instructed by Kounta Support.

  5. Toggle Repair Kounta On

Once completed, close the Settings App and Open the Kounta App again.

  • Log back into Kounta
  • Go to MySite (left)
  • Select devices (top)
  • Select your register
  • Select Recycle Device
  • Go to POS (top right)
  • Select your register from the list of available registers


  • With the Kounta App Open, Tap down with 3 fingers on the Screen.
  • In the page that pops up, change the Alternate Server to by typing in the web address.
  • Select Repair Kounta.

-Log back into Kounta
-Go to MySite (left)
-Select devices (top)
-Select your register
-Select Recycle Device
-Go to POS (top right)
-Select your register from the list of available registers

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