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Add-On - Kounta Loyalty Punch Card

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**Please note that this add-on is not currently available for some new customers

1. What it Does
2. How to Enable
3. Configuring Punch Cards
4. Using Punch Cards on the POS
5. Manually applying a Punch to a Customer
6. Reporting

What it Does

The Kounta Loyalty Punch Card add-on, allows you to create your own Loyalty Punchcard program and encourage your customers to make more purchases, more often. Punch cards let your customers buy products from a category, and get a free product after a selected number of purchases. For example, you can create a “Buy 10 Coffees, get 1 free” promotion.

How to Enable the Kounta Loyalty Punch Card Add-On

You can enable the Kounta Loyalty Punch Card add-on by going to Kounta Back Office > Add-ons > and select the Kounta Loyalty Punch Card add-on.


Configuring the Kounta Loyalty Punch Card add-on

Once you have enabled the add-on, it will need to be configured, this is done by going into the Kounta Loyalty Punch Card add-on, and going to Configuration and then Add Punch Card.


On this next step you will come to a screen where it asks you to set the requirements for your punch card, this includes category, number of punches required, the product purchased, reward and the terms and conditions of the punch card. 


Using Kounta Loyalty Punch Card on the POS

When you have added the requirements for your punch card it is now ready to use with Kounta, you are able to access the Kounta Loyalty Punch Card by following the below.

- Select an item/s from the category you specified in the configuration requirements in back office.

- Select a customer and link them to the sale (customer must provide an email address)

- Once you checkout the item, the customer will receive an email with his current punch details and you will be able to see the current punches for that customer under the 'Add Customer' button by searching their name.


Viewing Kounta Loyalty Punch Card details from Back Office & Applying Bulk Punches

The Kounta Loyalty Punch Card add-on allows you to view all of the detail of a customers active punch card from the customers tab in Kounta Back Office. You are also able to provide bulk punches to a customers card from this page.

This can be found at Kounta Back Office > People > Contacts > Select a Contact > Loyalty

By clicking the +1 punch you are able to complete the punch card and trigger a reward for that customer.


You are also able to see your Total punches for your site by going to Kounta Back Office > Company Settings > Loyalty.

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