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Add-On - Courses

Dan P -

Kounta Courses allows you to manage your service flow, whether it is a full-service restaurant, quick service restaurant or even a tapas bar. Automatically assign products to courses based on their category, easily override automatic course selections, send course calls, docket updates and instructions to production areas with ease.

Flexible to a variety of situations you have complete control of over when and what prints, including print, then call, print only when called, and configurable change dockets for keeping production staff up to date easily.

Watch the video below to see how to start using Courses and feel free to share the takeaway videos below that with your floor team and production team.

Setup and use for managers 

This video show managers and site owners how to setup and use the coursing feature including:

- Enabling the courses Add-On
- Setting up Courses
- Point of Sale workflow
- Printing options
- Printing change dockets
- Explainer for production teams


Floor team workflows 

This video shows floor team members, waiters and anyone else operation Kounta within your venue how to use courses.


Production team workflows 

This video shows the production teams what to expect and how to action certain dockets when their venue is using Kounta Coursing.


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