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Add On - Bar Tabs - Integrated EFTPOS

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The Bar Tabs add on allows you to open an easy to use and secure bar tab using a compatible integrated credit card reader or payments terminal (This must be supported by your credit card processor).
Currently, this is supported in Australia by TYRO and by Blackline/Smartpay terminals around the world.

 Enabling Bar Tabs

  1. Log into Kounta Back Office
  2. Select Add Ons from the left menu
  3. Locate and enable Bar Tabs



**Before Proceeding, please ensure that your integrated terminal is enabled and Paired with Kounta**


Starting a Bar Tab

From the POS Sales Screen, open the left menu and Select Add-Ons

Next, Select Bar Tabs

Next Specify the amount to Pre-Auth for the Bar Tab 

When you select OK, your terminal will prompt for action similar to the image below.

Your Kounta POS will show that is it awaiting payment similar to below.

And will show the following if successful


Using and closing a Bar Tab

The Bar Tab order will be created with a name reflecting the card type and the last 4 digits of the card.

With the order open you can now add items which will deduct from the available tab total shown on the bottom right of the receipt panel, you can hold the order from the POS and resume it from the orders tab at any time.

Check Out Bar Tab will close the tab, and return any unused portion of the pre-auth back to the cardholder.




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