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Payments Integration - SumUp (UK & USA)


SumUp has a native integration with Lightspeed POS to provide a faster, more secure and accurate workflow to process EFTPOS payments across all platforms for customers in the UK or USA.


This guide will walk you through the steps of enabling this addon and processing a sale with SumUp.


Still investigating your EFTPOS solution?  If you are still investigating which EFTPOS Integration is best suited for your business, you can look at the Lightspeed  Payments page or Talk to a Payments Expert.


Note - Due to limitations on the EFTPOS terminals currently in use by SumUp, this integration is currently only available to pair with iOS devices (iPad, iPhone and, iPodTouch).


What's in this guide?


Before you begin

Enable the SumUp Integration

Pair your SumUp terminal with  POS

Process a Sale with SumUp on POS

Signature, Tipping and Merchant Copy receipt printing

Frequently Asked Questions


Before you begin


Setting up the integration to take EFTPOS payments is easy - you will want to have your account set up and the EFTPOS terminal(s) on site before attempting to integrate them and getting them talking. You will also need;


  • Your POS terminal on hand and the Lightspeed App is installed
  • If you need any help with installing the Lightspeed POS App, check out this guide
  • Stable internet connection


Enable the SumUp Integration


1. From the Add-ons Page in Lightspeed back office, find the SumUp add-on



2. Enable this add-on by clicking on the orange Enable SumUp button



Pair your SumUp terminal with your POS


Pro Tip - You can only pair one SumUp terminal to one  register


1. Head to the  POS screen

2. From the menu button (top left) select Add-ons


Note - the elegant & power-saving dark mode is now available on POS. Check out this guide on how you can activate it.

3. Select the Pair SumUp Device option



4. Enter your SumUp login details and press the blue Log in button



5. Select the type of SumUp terminal you have



6. Hang tight - and let the magic happen



7. Confirm that the 'found' device is the one you have by confirming the 4 numbers on the back of your SumUp terminal - if correct, click on Connect or, Rescan to repeat this step



8. Done




Process a Sale with SumUp on POS


Processing a sale with an integrated EFTPOS like SumUp is easy and is covered in our guide on Processing Sales with POS.


For a quick reference - all you need to do is click on the SumUp logo from the Checkout panel.



Tipping, Signing and Merchant receipt printing with Integrated EFTPOS 


You can find the settings for how your integrated EFTPOS works when needed for Tipping, Signing or printing Merchant EFTPOS receipts here.


Pro Tip -If you are changing any register settings, don't forget to update you POS with a quick Sync. 


Frequently Asked Questions


How much will this integration cost?

Pricing for the integration to your integrated EFTPOS terminal free! For pricing on the EFTPOS transactions themselves, you can check out our Lightspeed Payments page or Talk to a Payments Expert.


Read - Can you afford to accept only cash in the near future?


How does my SumUp terminal talk to Lightspeed?

The SumUp EFTPOS terminal is connected via Bluetooth to your POS. It then uses the devices own internet connection to communicate with the bank servers


How do I report on Sales by Payment Type?

Payments Dashboards on Lightspeed Insights allows you to easily report on the payment types used in your business, see payment trends, and see which payment types are the most popular. Drill down for more details or to see trends for specific payment types, by site, and most importantly, trends over time.


How do I use Tipping on my SumUp?

We have a section on Tipping with SumUp below or, you can look at our guide on Tipping for more answers to your questions.



What's my next step?


Finalising your takings with Integrated EFTPOS in the mix is now super easy - our walkthrough on finalising your end of day takings will show you the steps.


Have you started looking at getting the rest of your hardware connected with your Lightspeed POS? If not, you should look at what hardware you can use with Lightspeed.


If you haven't planned that far ahead it is worth reading our guide to building your restaurant workflows for success.


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