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Integrate Xero with Lightspeed Kounta POS


Why Get Xero?

With Xero, you can sync your POS' takings, account sales and even manage Purchase Orders.

In this guide, you'll learn how to enable Xero, account types to use and steps to migrate to the new integration if you're using Xero's older app. 


What's in this guide? 


Enabling Xero

Note - If your company's name has the symbol '&' we recommend changing this in Site Information to " and ". We have noticed some errors occurring when invoices are exported.
  1. Go to the Integrations Page on the Back Office and click Xero. Screen_Shot_2021-02-26_at_11.12.50_am.png
  2. Enable Xero. Screen_Shot_2021-02-26_at_12.27.12_pm.png
  3. Enter the 4-digit code that's been sent to your email address. Screen_Shot_2021-02-26_at_12.28.12_pm.png
  4. Connect your Xero account. Screen_Shot_2021-02-26_at_12.30.35_pm.png
  5. Login. Screen_Shot_2021-02-26_at_12.34.39_pm.png
  6. Your connection should now have a green tick.


Setting Up Default Accounts

You're now ready to map your default accounts. These are accounts that Lightspeed Kounta POS will send sales data to when there are no Advanced Account Mapping details.

To begin mapping your default accounts:

  1. Select the Manage tab.
  2. Tick the box "For each Taking and Account Sales in Lightspeed, create an Invoice in Xero".  mceclip7.png
  3. Click "Edit'.
  4. You'll now see options to map your data to specific Xero Accounts.


Fields on Invoices

We've included a brief description for each field: 

  • Tracking Codes 1 and 2 - Xero uses tracking instead of department codes or cost centers. This keeps your Chart of Accounts manageable and makes reporting on departments very easy. 
  • Invoice Number Prefixes - You can create prefixes for export types. 
  • Draft or Approved Invoices
    • Draft Invoices
        • $0 invoices with payments showing up as line items.
        • Many customers use draft invoices for fixing up reconciliation errors.
        • When you set up draft invoices, you'll need to assign clearing accounts for payment types. mceclip10.png
    • Approved Invoices 
      • Approved invoices use Xero payments 


Mapping Income Accounts

Please see the chart below to look at recommended account types. 


Please also take a look at this example:



Configure Account Sales

If you're using our Accounts feature, you'll need to use this mapping. 


Deposit Sales into Account

 Account Type Description Xero Recommended Account Type Xero Tax Code

Deposit Sales into Account

This is the default income account where Account Sales will be exported.

Income, Revenue and Sales. 


Based on Sales 





Setting up Tax Codes 

Once default accounts have been mapped, you'll need to select the Xero Tax Type for your Lightspeed Kounta POS tax codes.

Please look at the example below.



Setting Up Clearing Accounts for Approved Invoices

You can also set clearing accounts for payments that have been made in Lightspeed Kounta POS. (These are for all payment methods eg: Cash, EFTPOS, Albert & Tyro).

  • This account represents the default account for your payment types in Lightspeed Kounta POS. mceclip2.png
  • If you select Advanced Options, you will see a list of your payment methods with clearing accounts. E.g. Cash goes to the cash clearing account whilst your integrated EFTPOS payments go to your EFTPOS clearing account.


Setting up Reporting Group Mapping (Recommended)

Reporting Group mapping is the best way to map your products to to accounts in your Accounting Program.

First Step, make sure that you have configured Reporting Groups for your products. 

Once you have Reporting Groups assigned to your products, select the 'Reporting Groups' button in the integration.


This will then present you a list of your Reporting Groups that you can map to specific accounts in Xero.


Setting up Product Level (Product Specific) Mapping

Individual Product mapping is best used as an override for your Reporting Groups.

Eg: If you have all of your products assigned to the FOOD Reporting Group go to the 200-Sales account in Xero but a couple of those products need to go to a different account. 

This saves you needing to add those 2 products to its own Reporting Group. 


To configure Product Mapping, select 'Configure individual accounts for each of the Products'

This will prompt you to select selling accounts and buying accounts for each product.

  • Selling Accounts represent all of the sales from that product.
  • Buying Accounts represent the costs associated with that product.

Once you've mapped your products, click "Save".


Setting Up Syncs between Lightspeed Kounta POS and Xero

Click "Sync" on Xero. 

You will then see several settings you can play around with: 

  • Account Timezone - This will allow you to configure your site's timezone.
  • Integration Start Date -  This is the date you want your records to sync from. The furthest you can go back to is 30 days.
  • Auto Sync - Autosyncs happen every 30 minutes. 
  • Send me a sync report email - Receive an email everytime data is synced. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Where does my data go in Xero?

This depends on which accounts you've selected in the Default Accounts section. We've also written a guide on Where does my data export? which goes into a little more detail. 


I'm not in ANZ. Can I still integrate my Lightspeed Kounta POS account with Xero?

Honestly, this will depend on where you are. You should check that you're in a Lightspeed Kounta POS region and then reach out to our 24-Hour Support Team to confirm that your integration will work.


Can I reach out to support from Xero?

Yes, you can email

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